How to Solve the Relics of the Past Treasure Map for the Sea People Relic in Skull and Bones

This is how to find the Sea People treasure for the Relics of the Past quest in Skull and Bones.

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What’s a pirate game without a few treasure maps? Though X marks the spot, finding where X is located and getting the rewards hidden beneath it isn’t always clear. Given during a side quest, this is how to solve the treasure map for Relic of the Past in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones Relics of the Past Treasure Map Solution: Where to Get the Sea People Relic

Relics of the Past is a quest picked up off the Job Board in Sainte-Anne and tasks you with finding the lost relic of the Sea People. However, Skull and Bones doesn’t give you any clues regarding its whereabouts until you speak to someone from the tribe. They simply give you a scroll that contains the treasure map to the relic’s location.

Relics of the Past Treasure Map
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The map, which I’ve added above, shows the relic’s general location in the center, with the specific spot in the top right. It has text that further points to where X marks the spot and shows that there’s a cross next to it. The text reads: “One of our camps was raided by the Fara at Red Isle, Tenina Coast, in Fort Louis, and our brothers and sisters returned to the Sea. We left our items there for fear of another raid, the relic included.”

Relics of the Past treasure location at Fort Louis
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How to Reach Fort Louis to Find the Sea People Relic

There are two locations you can check out, but the map image confirms that the Fort Louis location at the bottom of the Red Isle is where you need to sail. It’s south of Tenina Town. I had the easiest time finding it by zooming out my map and matching the intersecting islands to the treasure map.

When you land, go into the Fara settlement. You’ll see an orange glow to the left, signifying where the treasure is buried. The angle I came from hid the cross, shovel, and hat that would show me I’d found the location. Dig at that spot to uncover the Sea People relic.

Treasure map loot found marker.
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Once you solve the Relics of the Past treasure map, return to Palisade Bay and hand over the People of the Sea relic. That completes the Relics of the Past quest. As a reward, you get:

  • Boneforged cosmetic
  • Windswept paint cosmetic
  • First Aid Station major furniture
  • 2x Sea People Token
  • 480x Silver
  • Sea People Bottoms Chest

That’s how to solve the treasure map for Relics of the Past in Skull and Bones. For help saving your game, starting over, or what commodities to sell, check out our treasure chest of guides.

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