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How to Stop Lae’Zel from Leaving the Party in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you're worried about Lae'Zel abandoning you, here's how to stop Lae'Zel from leaving the party in Baldur's Gate 3.

Once you choose the Underdark path in Act 1 and progress to the Ruined Battlefield, Lae’Zel threatens to leave the party. She wants to reach the Githyanki creche in the Mountains with or without you. Here’s how to stop Lae’Zel from leaving the party in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Stop Lae’Zel From Leaving

Lae’Zel is often adamant and stubborn in her beliefs to the point of blind obedience and stupidity. We can’t blame her; it’s the way she was raised. This is most apparent in her persistence to reach the Githyanki Creche in the Mountain Pass during Act 1 instead of going down the Underdark route to the Shadow Cursed lands or Ruined Battlefield.

Once you’re in the Moonrise Towers area, she wants to leave the party and reach her people for the cure. She’ll do it with or without you. This happens again just before entering the Shadowfell at the end of the Gauntlet of Shar. If you proceed without dealing with her, she’ll drop all her equipment in your inventory and leave.

However, there’s a solution. You can make her stay by doing the following:

  • Relationship: First is to have at least a High relationship status with her. Being in a romantic relationship isn’t required. I didn’t romance her in my playthrough, and I could still convince her to stay.
  • Persuasion: If you have a good relationship with Lae’Zel, an option to stop her from leaving appears once she threatens to leave. I say persuade, but the option is actually an Intimidation check (only choose this option). It changes her mind, and she stays with your party until the end, altering the Mountain Pass quest and her personal quest.
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How to Increase Lae’Zel’s Approval So She’ll Stay

To stop Lae’Zel from leaving the party, you must be in a platonic or romantic relationship with Lae’Zel. To raise your approval with her, I highly recommend choosing these options: direct, unyielding, honest, and battle-ready. She approves of being dominant, annoying Shadowheart, and sometimes being cruel.

On the other hand, avoid choices where you’re dishonest, cowardly, or submissive. There’s a lot of nuance to this but when I make choices I think she might disapprove of, I dismiss her to camp beforehand.

That’s how to stop Lae’Zel from leaving the party in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more BG3 guides, check out how to play the game solo and my best solo builds guide.

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