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How to Super Jump in Palworld: Pal Sphere Jump Glitch on Top of Towers and More

Did you know you can do an incredibly high super jump using a glitch in Palworld? Well, you can.

There are some annoying bugs in Palworld, but others, like the Pal Sphere Jump Glitch, are incredibly useful and downright awesome. The glitch lets you super jump with a few easy inputs, and you can do it with any Pal Sphere type in the game. Here’s how.

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How to Super Jump in Palworld

The skyline and horizon after a super jump in Palworld
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Doing the Pal Sphere Super Jump glitch in Palworld is surprisingly easy. It only took me a few tries to get the timing down, but it only takes a few steps, and you can do it with any Pal in the game using any level Sphere. Here’s how:

A Mega Sphere closing around a Pal in Palworld
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  • Find a Pal and throw a Sphere at it. You do need to get the Pal to go into the Sphere and have the sphere fully close. If the Pal is at full health or has a high capture rate, you’ll probably need to do some damage or apply a status effect. Even higher-quality Spheres can bounce uselessly off of more powerful Pals if you don’t take the time to fight them first.
Climbing on a Pal Sphere in Palworld
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  • Climb on top of the sphere as it closes. For whatever reason, Spheres are a climbable surface in Palworld and are like immovable rods for the duration of their time in the game. You can start climbing just before they fully close and need to stand on top of them for the super jump to work.
  • Successfully capture a Pal and get launched into the air. For the Palworld super jump glitch to work, you need to successfully catch the Pal you threw the Sphere at.If the Pal escapes, you’ll simply fall the short distance to the ground. If you catch the Pal, the resulting small but powerful AoE will send you literally hundreds of feet into the sky, more than high enough to get to the top of boss towers, mountains, or anywhere else high up you want to go.

The main difficulty with learning the Pal Sphere Super Jump is the timing of when you need to get atop the Sphere. For most Pals, you get two sphere jiggles before the capture completes and the jump occurs. Get the timing right and the successful capture and you’ll fly as high as a Dragonborn does when hit by a Frost Giant. Only this time, you can control your landing. Reminder: bring a Glider, or you’ll end up as a smear on the ground.

That’s how you do the Super Jump Pal Shhere glitch in Palworld. Incredibly simple and somehow even more useful, be ready to see how high the Palworld skybox is. I don’t know what happens if you hit it, as I don’t think there’s acceleration damage in the game. Probably.

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