This survival guide to Call of Duty Warzone covers everything from armor and health to buy stations and loot.

How to Survive in Call of Duty: Warzone — Tips and Strategies

This survival guide to Call of Duty Warzone covers everything from armor and health to buy stations and loot.

Call of Duty: Warzone is not your typical battle royale. Of course, the main objective is to kill all enemies, but staying alive is just as important, especially if you’re playing Plunder. This guide will provide you with tips and strategies on how to survive in the warzone of Verdansk.

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Below, we’ll go over jump strats, why armor matters, why dying is different than other battle royales, the role of buy stations, and other general survival tips. 

Jump as Soon as Possible

Drop in to Verdansk quickly to maximize loot pick ups.

Warzone gives you complete control over your landing spot, so opt to jump off the plane as soon as you can. Considering where other players are jumping, this strat gives you an advantage over other players to find better loot in a zone before anyone else.

To jump below the plane, move straight down while falling and delay your parachute for as long as possible. But don’t forget to open it up before hitting the ground.

If you’re specifically looking to land at a certain location, then you can artificially prolong your falling, which becomes almost horizontal, by repeatedly opening and closing your parachute. 

Use Armor Plates

Although the HP system in Warzone is flexible and allows players to heal without the use of health kits, using armor is essential. 

Each extra armor piece adds +50 health to your overall health pool, and you can use up to three plates simultaneously. These are indicated by the blue gauges on your health bar.

You can pick up armor plates from loot crates or dead players. You can also replenish your armor by pressing “4” on PC, “Y” on Xbox One, and “Triangle” on PS4. You can do this continuously. 

Get a Second Chance in the Gulag

It’s not that easy to die in Warzone. Well, at least not as easy as in other battle royale games.

Here you don’t die when your health bar is depleted. Instead, you get downed, giving one of your teammates the chance to revive you. You will need to be shot a second time to actually die. 

However, even if you die, you get a second chance in the Gulag, which is a separate arena where you meet other “dead” players. You fight one-on-one, and if you survive, you return to Verdansk to continue the game. 

The Gulag is a circular room with walls, so it’s a matter of seconds before you kill or get killed. Here are a few tips on how to survive the Gulag:

  • Be patient and never rush into a fight. Wait for your opponent to attack first.
  • The Gulag gives you either a pistol or a shotgun, so master these weapons with the help of bots.
  • Chase down your opponent and try to attack your enemy from behind. If they can’t spot you, then you win every time.

Don’t Neglect Buy Stations

Buy station redeployment ribbon.

Besides loot crates and dropped loot from the dead players, you will encounter buy stations. These stations not only allow you to purchase items, but they also pay for your teammate’s redeployment, among many other things. 

This means that your friends can revive you with money, even if you died in the Gulag.

Buy Stations can also provide you with loadout drops. These are essential for surviving in Warzone and ultimately winning the game. Here’s everything to know about buy stations

Before buying a loadout, it is recommended you create some custom loadouts prior to the match. You can check some of the best loadouts right here. If you don’t have any custom loadouts, then the game will offer the default ones, which aren’t too bad.

Tips for Combat Survival

Here are a few tips on how to survive during the actual combat:

  • The best way to quickly dodge any attack is to slide sideways.
  • Always crouch when you move inside buildings, otherwise, enemies will hear you coming.
  • Use map markers (ping) to let your teammates know where you are. This may save your life.
  • Use killstreaks and perks that compliment each other for maximum efficiency. 
  • Lastly, find a good spot inside or on top of a building and camp out. There is no shame in it. Though be ready to move if enemies find you out. 
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