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Taming a Jaguar in Soulmask
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How to Tame a Jaguar in Soulmask

One of the fastest mounts you can tame, if you're brave enough!

Jaguars, although more dangerous than most other mounts, are one of the fastest you can get in Soulmask. Believe it or not, you can actually catch and tame them just like other smaller animals. You just need to be extra careful. Here’s how to find and capture them.

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Soulmask Jaguar Taming Guide — How to Catch & Ride One

You may have come across a Jaguar or two before in your travels, but the only Jaguars that you can tame are the cubs (just like any other animal). You’ll also want to note that Jaguars and Panthers are the same thing in this game.

Locating the cubs is the hardest part about taming one. To do this, you’ll need to unlock the Habit Analysis mask repair node. With this node unlocked, you’ll be able to track the footprints and other signs of their location.

Press Y to open your Mask Node Repair menu. You’ll find the Habit Analysis on the Core Functional Module branch. To unlock it, you must be at least level 20 in Awareness Strength and have three Green Crystals.

How to Track Jaguar Locations

After you have the Habit Analysis, head out into the jungle areas of the map. You can find them anywhere on the western side of the starter isle.

Once you’re there, you can put your Habit Analysis to good use by pressing the Life Perception button (Q). Look down at the ground as you press this button to start detecting tracks. They will be highlighted in blue. You can approach them to see what animal left them and what speed they were going in.

Follow the tracks to find the Jaguars. You’ll want to pay close attention to how close you’re getting because if they detect you they will attack instantly. Keep using Life Perception to highlight the area and press Ctrl to crouch down and make less noise. Your goal is to find a Female Jaguar, which will usually lead you right back to her cubs.

How to Trap a Jaguar

Once you find the area where the female Jaguar and her cubs are staying, you can set up a trap to capture one of the cubs. You’ll need a Medium Trap to do this. You can make one at a Building Workshop with the following materials:

  • Hardwood x15
  • Plank x5
  • Thatch x19
  • Thick Rope x5

You’ll also want to make sure you have the right food for bait on you. Jaguars eat any type of meat, so Fresh Meat, Rare Meat, Premium Meat, etc, but make sure it’s not cooked.

Place the trap in your Shortcut slots for easy access and then on the ground nearby the Jaguars. When you can place it, the trap will appear white.

Press E on the trap to open the inventory and drag over the meat into the empty slot. Now is the waiting game. You’ll want to back up far enough that they won’t detect you. Then, wait for the cubs to wander over to the trap and get stuck inside of it.

Once the Jaguar baby is caught in the trap, you can go over and press E on it to pick it up and instantly tame it. However, you’ll want to do this when the mama jaguar isn’t nearby. She’ll attack you as soon as she sees you. Wait until she wanders off to hunt other animals, and then grab your baby jaguar.

How to Ride a Jaguar

After you tame your Jaguar, you can bring it back to your camp. It won’t attack you or any of your other tamed animals or Tribesmen. You can feed it just like your other animals in the Feed Trough. However, the best part about having a Jaguar is using it as a mount.

You’ll need to unlock the Panther Saddle from the Knowledge & Technology menu to ride a Jaguar. It’s located under the Bronze Gear tech branch, and you can unlock it at Awareness Strength 25 with two Tech Points. After you have the saddle unlocked, you can craft it at a Level 1 Armor Forging Table (that means with one upgraded part).

You’ll need the following materials to make the saddle:

  • Leather x20
  • Leather Rope x10
  • Fine Cotton x10
  • Bronze Ingot x5

Then, bring your saddle to your Jaguar, hold E on them to open their inventory, and drag the saddle to their empty ‘saddle’ slot. You’ll now be able to ride on them by pressing E on them. You’ll get around so much faster that you won’t even have to worry about using those teleports!

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