How to Trade Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

If you're looking for specific cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, the best way to get them is to trade. Here's how.

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Like a traditional CCG, Harry Potter Magic Awakened has a trade system to help you get the cards you want. Once you’re done rerolling, you’ll need to utilize this system to build the most competitive decks you can without spending a ton of real-world money. Here’s how to trade cards in HPMA.

How to Trade Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Here’s how to trade cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened:

  • Join a Social Club.
  • Open Card Trades at the table.
  • List the card you’re looking for and what you’ll trade.
  • Wait for someone to accept.

To trade cards in HPMA, you’ll need to join a Social Club. This is just one of the benefits of joining a Social Club and easily the biggest reason to participate. Once you’re in a Hogwarts guild, you’ll be able to set up a swap using your Trade Tokens. There’s a different token for each card rarity, so you’ll need that corresponding token to start a search.

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How to Get Trade Tokens

There are a few different ways to get Trade Tokens:

  • In the Item Shop.
  • As a Daily log-in reward.
  • As a Quest Reward.

The easiest way to get these barter chits is to buy them in the Shop. You’ll find them under the Thank You Note Exchange tab; each costs a different number of notes, and each has a different limit placed on them. Thank You Notes are obtained by helping in the multiplayer section of the Forbidden Forest. Trade Tokens can also be obtained as a reward for logging in daily and for completing Daily or Seasonal tasks and quests. If you don’t want to wait, I suggest jumping into multiplayer, as I’ve found that’s the fastest method.

How to Trade Cards in the Social Club

Once you have a voucher matching the card rarity you want, head to the Social Club Room. On the table in the room, you’ll be able to open the Card Trades window, which allows you to set up your own trade. In the second tab, Social Club Exchange, you’ll be able to see what offers other members of your social club have out and select one of those.

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To actually trade cards, select the one you’re looking for. Once selected, the game filters out those that won’t match the desired rarity type. From there, choose up to six cards that you’ll give away to obtain the one you want. When done, confirm your selection. The trade gets sent out for all members of the Social Club to respond to.

That’s how to trade cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. You’ll want to join a busy Social Club to get the most out of your trade experiences. If you’re struggling with other aspects of the game, including combat or passing exam classes, check out our various HPMA guides in our library.

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