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Harry Potter Magic Awakened: 10 Best Beginner Tips and Tricks

These are the best things you can do as a beginner, and mistakes to avoid.

If you’re just starting Harry Potter Magic Awakened, you may get inundated with the amount of things you can do in the game. From Dance Club to the Forbidden Forest to attending class, there’s a lot of content to get through while playing. Whether you’re looking to avoid spending money on the wrong thing, or just need some help getting going, these are the 10 best beginner tips and tricks for Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

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10 Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for Harry Potter Magic Awakened

These are the best beginner tips and tricks for Harry Potter Magic Awakened at a glance:

A lot of information gets thrown at you when you start playing HPMA. From how to move your character, interact with the map, put together a deck, and much more, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. After making your character and getting through the introduction, you’re basically left to determine your destiny. Here are the 10 best beginner tips and tricks in detail that will save you a headache.

1. Make Use of Tooltips

Among the myriad options and activities, Tooltips come to the rescue and make sense of it all. From telling you how something works in the shop to how card effects change combat and where to go in the world, these popups give us all the information we need — and they’re incredibly welcomed. There are plenty of things to click on, so go wild and learn everything you can.

2. Save Your Gold

Though it may be tempting to spend it, you’ll want to save your gold. I know it seems like you’re inundated with it in the beginning of Harry Potter Magic Awakened (and in some ways, you really are), but as you progress, gold becomes harder and harder to earn. The best way to save your gold is by only upgrading the cards you like in your deck instead of upgrading them all at once.

3. Learn How Combat and Cards Work Together

If you’ve never played a game that uses a deck for combat — or a collectible card game (CCG) in general — you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the mechanics. At the beginning of Duelling Club, you’ll play against NPCs until you earn enough points to hit Bronze rank. You can also go into the Forbidden Forest for more PvE encounters, practice, and rank opportunities. Playing through the yearbook, which is the game’s main story, gives you even more chances to practice your combat.

For the quick basics, you build an 11-card deck with eight Spell or Summon cards and three Companion cards.

  • Spell Cards: Cast a spell
  • Summon Cards: Summon a creature to your aid
  • Companion Cards: Companions give different buffs when played, such as Daniel Page healing you or the Malfoy Gang attacking enemies. These can be played without using Mana.

You need mana to use cards, and it’s represented by the number on the top left of the card itself. When building your deck, make sure to balance out the high and low mana cards so you’re not stuck waiting for mana multiple times throughout a match.

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4. Spend Your Keys

Another type of in-game currency is keys. These are earned for free by completing Daily Activities, winning Duels, participating in Social Club events, and more. There are four types of keys, two of which are tied to events.

  • Silver Key: Most common and used to obtain more cards for your deck. Silver Keys only pull cards up to the Epic tier, with an ensured Epic card every 30 keys.
  • Gold Key: Another way to obtain cards for your deck, the Gold Key can pull Mythic, Dark, and Legendary cards. You’ll get at least one of those for every 20 keys spent.
  • Red Key: Red keys get you more cards, but these are earned by completing the Yearbook chapters 1-1 up to 2-1 during the Ruby Key Rewards event. The event is ongoing with no specific end date.
  • Clockturn Key: Clockturn Keys are randomly earned or bought in the shop. They’re used to spin the Mystery Wheel, which is only around for a limited time. Any random Clockturn Keys you have should be used as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on any epic loot.

5. Head to the Forbidden Forest

The Forbidden Forest is a PvE area teeming with goodies that you can gain just by exploring it. Gold, potion ingredients, and Echoes are hidden throughout the wood. You can earn a key once a day, as well, with the ability to get it stacking for seven days, so don’t worry if you miss a day or two.

There are two modes: Solo Exploration and Group Exploration.

  • Solo Exploration: Advance in solo mode to obtain Echoes and unlock the Flying Ford Anglia, who collects rewards when you’re not exploring the forest.
  • Group Exploration: Explore the Haunted Hollow with friends or NPC characters to earn higher rewards. Deathly Dell is unlocked when you clear Haunted Hollow level 5.

The biggest part of the Forbidden Forest in HPMA is obtaining Echoes. Echoes are used to buff your deck, offering a strategy to play around and boosting certain cards.

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6. Don’t Level Up Common Echoes

When it comes to Echoes, wait before leveling them up. Echoes come in the same rarities that cards do: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each Echo, however, can be any of those tiers, so once you find an Echo you like, wait until you obtain one that’s Epic or Legendary before making it more powerful. You’ll get the most out of the Echo and spend the least amount of gems.

You also want to pay attention to the cards the Echo boosts. These cards are chosen at random from the available pool, so when you get a good Echo, you want to make sure you actually use the cards it boosts. If you don’t, try waiting for another version of that Echo at the same rarity that boosts cards in your deck.

When you finally start to upgrade your Echo, use the lower-level Echoes of the same type to level it up. This will save you gems in the long run, especially with the Flying Ford Anglia giving you more Echoes every day.

7. Join a Social Club

Even if you’re like me and not playing Harry Potter Magic Awakened for the social aspect, joining a Social Club comes with a variety of perks. Not only is joining one a Season task that rewards you with free stuff, it also allows you to take part in Social Club events. These events are time-limited and often involve combat but reward gold and items for completing it for the first time.

Along with Social Club events, joining a club also gives you the ability to Trade. Using Trade Tokens, you can trade cards of the matching rarity with the other members of your Social Club, including Legendaries. Trading is a Seasonal task, and you can end up with you having a better deck for yourself without spending a bunch on keys.

8. Claim your Freebies

There are a variety of Freebies that you can take advantage of in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

  • Daily items from the shop
  • Pre-registration rewards
  • Survey completions in your mail
  • HPMA Code Redemption
  • Magic Pass level-up items

Check your mail every day and head to the shop to claim your free daily card. In your mail, you can get letters inviting you to complete surveys about your experience for in-game rewards.

You also need to check the Magic Pass, which is denoted by the “M” icon on the right side of the screen. This rewards you with items as you play through the game, even if you don’t pay for the upgraded version.

9. Complete Daily Activities (and Weekly and Seasonal)

Along the same lines, complete your Tasks. The task tracker separates these tasks from Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal. Tasks can include completing the Yearbook to a certain chapter, attending class a certain number of times, or taking a photo of a Kneazle. The challenges can also be found on the left side of the screen, under any main quest you may be working on.

In addition to those items, you’ll also receive time-limited challenges while you’re playing. These are often for the Duelling Club but reward you with gold and other items, such as keys, for completing the challenge in time.

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10. Explore the World

While HPMA isn’t an exploration-heavy game, you should look out for areas highlighted in yellow while you’re out in Diagon Alley or completing the Yearbook. As well, there are jars with yellow shimmers surrounding them. Inspecting or searching these items will result give you blue gems used in upgrading Echoes. You can find 15 gems just by searching the shops in Diagon Alley alone.

Those are the 10 best beginner tips and tricks for Harry Potter Magic Awakened. Save your gold for later in the game, and experiment with your deck and Echoes before leveling them up. Take part in Daily Activities to earn rewards and check your mail for freebies. You’ll be a fantastic wizard in no time. Check out our other HPMA guides for more help.

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