Driving on water with Nitro boss car in Fortnite
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How to Travel Distance Over Water While Infused With Nitro in Fortnite

Not even water can stop you with Nitro!

If you’re not finding ways to counter cars in Fortnite, you’re most likely using them to wreak your own havoc. What you might not have known about vehicles is that you can use them to drive through water, but you’ll need the help of some Nitro first. Here’s how!

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How to Travel Over Water With Nitro in Fortnite

Cars usually sink straight to the bottom of the water when you’re trying to drive through it. However, for this Weekly quest, you’ll need to find a way to travel over the water. You can do that by using some Nitro to infuse your vehicles.

Vehicles with Nitro are much faster and can speed on top of the water without sinking. There are plenty of ways to get Nitro on your vehicles, including Nitro barrels, Nitro Splashes, or even flaming rings, but they are all temporary Nitro. The best way to complete this challenge is to get a boss car.

Where to Get a Boss Car

All boss cars in Fortnite are fueled with unlimited Nitro. This allows them to be faster than other cars, stronger, and even drive on top of water. That’s what makes them the best for completing this challenge.

There are three different boss cars you can get, all of which will be at the same locations at the bosses:

  • Ringmaster Scarr’s – Nitrodrome
  • Megalo Don’s – Brutal Beachhead
  • The Machinist’s – Redline Rig

To get the cars at these locations, you’ll first need to defeat the boss and claim their medallion. Once you do, you’ll see a path leading you to the car nearby, where you can unlock it and hop in.

If the cars aren’t at these locations, they have spawned as the convoy. There is a 50% chance that The Machinist or Megalo Don are in the convoy rather than at their individual named locations. While in the convoy, they will roam around the map using their set routes instead. You can track them by looking for the medallion icon moving around the map.

How to Travel Over Water in a Vehicle

Once you have the boss car, you’ll be all set to knock this challenge out of the way. Just find the nearest body of water. I would suggest using a river rather than the island’s edges since rivers are more shallow, and you can hop back onto land quickly.

Drive onto the water and keep following the river to rack up all the distance you need for the quest. You won’t sink in, but look out for any obstacles in your path. Thankfully, you can boost through them and destroy them with your steel bumper if you really need to (another reason why the boss car is best). Plus, with the speed of the boss car, you’ll cover a lot more distance in no time.

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