Getting stumped on how to unlock your new recruits without spending Infinity Shards? Here's how!

How to Unlock Falcon (Special Modifications) and Enchantress in MARVEL Avengers Academy

Getting stumped on how to unlock your new recruits without spending Infinity Shards? Here's how!
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There’s a lot for your heroes to do in MARVEL Avengers Academy, TinyCo’s latest entry to the mobile market. It just takes a long time to do it, especially if you’re not willing to dump a ton of cash into in-app purchases to hurry the process along. 

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If you’re planning on picking up some new heroes, you’re going need the time.

Whether it’s sending Tony Stark off to study Historic Women for 8 hours (one of my non-quest missions for jewelry as part of the effort to recruit Enchantress) or assigning the whole gang to dozens of other missions to pick up Avengers Textbooks for Falcon, spending the Infinity Shards can feel damn tempting after you see how long you’re going to need.

It gets even worse when Avengers Academy plays it pretty close to the chest sometimes about how to cross off some of the weirder objectives. If you happened to skip through some of the occasional bits of tutorial (e.g. regarding Pym Particles), there’s nowhere you can go to check them out again

(If you feel you’ve missed anything, check out MARVEL Avengers Academy: Tips, tricks, and how to save your money! for a few things about the game you should probably know.)

So how do you unlock Falcon?

Most of the requirements are easy — or at least fairly straight-forward. Jumpsuits, Avenger Textbooks, and cash can all be unlocked in non-quest missions from the Mission Board (tap either the notice board in the middle of the Quad or the icon on the bottom left of your screen).

It’s the Special Modifications that really stumped a number of people (including myself for a while) — mostly because I figured they was another type of non-quest item that would drop sooner or later.

It didn’t. If you check out the shape of the requirement icon, it’s shaped like the ones that drop from your characters after completing an action. 

But whose?

The reason it was sticky was that it simply isn’t an action result that you can get with your early-stage characters if you’ve been leveling as you should. It generates just enough frustration that you may feel justified in spending the 15 Infinity Shards for that last Falcon requirement. 

If you carry on doing the quest missions (with non-quest missions to pad your inventory/wallet), you’ll level up your Academy enough to unlock — and be prompted by a quest — to upgrade Tony Stark to level 3.

Once this happens, he’ll unlock the Special Modifications action. (In hindsight, gee, that makes more sense than it being a function of, say, Wasp, but still not enough to make me start upgrading my characters willy-nilly trying to find it.)

Simply complete that action (it won’t take too long), and Falcon is yours!

And how about Enchantress?

After Falcon, the acid-tongued Asgardian goddess of love is pretty much a snap. Although in practice, it can take nearly as long to unlock her; depending how your randomized Mission Board mission rewards turn out.

(Note: While the non-quest missions on the Mission Board don’t have a timer before they change to something else, you can simply dump a non-quest mission in the hopes of a better one with better rewards. Open the mission you don’t want, tap the trash can icon on the top left of the card above the character profiles and required actions, and confirm deleting it.

Be aware that in doing this, there will be a countdown timer before a new mission pops up. Sometimes it’s just faster to do the required actions, and get cash in the bargain.

As for her unlock requirements, Asgardian Jewelry and Avengers Textbooks are pretty easy to snag, and you’ll build up the cash in the process. Plus, at least with this girl, you won’t have to wonder just what you have to do in order to complete the action requirement – it spells it right out for you.

Extra bonus, you won’t need to upgrade Stark again in order to get him to start practicing pick-up lines!

(If you want to check out some of the other heroes you can look forward to picking up in the game through quest missions, see How to Get More Heroes in MARVEL Avengers Academy.)

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