Check this guide out to learn about all the classes in Trove and how to unlock them!

How to Unlock New Classes in Trove

Check this guide out to learn about all the classes in Trove and how to unlock them!
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Trove has several classes to choose from and you might find yourself looking for more than the class you started with. There are also classes you can’t pick at the beginning so that’s another reason to unlock other classes.

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Switching between classes is simple, so is unlocking them, but it is not clear when you first start playing. I’m going to go over unlocking classes, switching classes, and info on all the classes now available in Trove.

This guide will go over everything about classes in Trove including:

  • How to Unlock Classes in Trove – What you need and the different ways to do it.
  • Switching Classes – How to do it and where you can do it.
  • Trove Classes Info – How each class plays and their skills.

How to Unlock New Classes in Trove

You can unlock classes simply by buying them. You have a couple of ways you can do this.

  • Cubits – This is the in-game currency you get for completing objectives and playing the game in general.
  • Credits – This is a currency you get for spending real money outside the game.

Each class costs 1,050 Credits to unlock. Most classes cost 5,000 Cubits to unlock, but some are higher. I’ll go over the exact prices in the Class Info section.

Switching Classes

When you buy a class, it switches you to that class automatically, but you’ll want to switch back and forth, right?

There is a closet called a class changer near the adventure portals in the Hub World. Just press E at the closet, then pick the class you want switch to.

You can also build your own class changer to put in your cornerstone.

Trove switching classes

You need 20 shapestone ore, which are the purple checkered blocks, and 30 Glim. Glim is another in-game currency you will get around the world.

Just build the closet and place it in your cornerstone. Now you can change classes when you want, just move your cornerstone!

Trove Classes Info

Trove Classes each have their own primary attacks and abilities. They also use certain stats and weapons. I’ll go over all of them below.

Pirate Captain

Trove classes pirate captain

  • Cubits Cost – 6,500
  • Weapon – Gun (Ranged)
  • Damage – Magic
  • Passive: Plunderbuss – Enemies drop doubloons that upgrade your First Mate ability and restore energy.
  • First Mate – Throws a turret that shoots enemies.
  • Pretend Pirate – Throws a decoy that enemies attack until it’s gone.
  • Ultimate: Man o’ War – Throws a turret that shoots explosives.

Shadow Hunter

trove classes shadow hunter

  • Cubits Cost – 5,000
  • Weapon – Bow (Ranged)
  • Damage – Physical
  • Passive: Dark Whispers – Periodically puts a Shadowmark on an enemy.
  • Radiant Arrow – Shoots through walls and enemies. Also does extra damage to Shadowmarked enemies.
  • Sun Snare – Throws a trap that blinds enemies for 3 seconds when they get close.
  • Ultimate: Arrow of the Goddess – Shadowmarks all enemies and makes your next Radiant Arrow even stronger.


trove classes knight

  • Cubits Cost – 5,000
  • Weapon – Melee
  • Damage – Physical
  • Passive: Retribution – Increases the damage of your next attack when you take damage.
  • Smash – Area attack that knocks back enemies..
  • Charge – Area attack that charges forward 12 blocks.
  • Ultimate: Iron Will – Recovers all health and reduces damage by 75% for 7 seconds.

Neon Ninja

trove classes neon ninja

  • Cubits Cost – 5,000
  • Weapon – Melee
  • Damage – Physical
  • Passive: Shining Star – Gains shurikens, up to 3, when hitting enemies.
  • Shadow Flip – Goes into stealth mode. Attacks from stealth use shurikens.
  • Stasis Blade – Lunge forward to lock enemies in place for 3 seconds.
  • Ultimate: Final Technique – Makes your primary attack a ranged attack. Also, refreshes Stasis Blade if it is on enemies.


trove classes gunslinger

  • Cubits Cost – 5,000
  • Weapon – Gun (Ranged)
  • Damage – Magic
  • Passive: Lucky Shot – When dealing damage, randomly makes your next Charged Shot fully charged. This means you won’t have to charge it up, it will be at max.
  • Charged Shot – Charges up a shot for area damage. Takes 2 seconds to charge.
  • Blast Jump – Does area damage and blasts you into the air.
  • Ultimate: Run and Gun – Increases attack speed by 75% and movement speed by 20.


trove classes dracolyte

  • Cubits Cost – 5,000
  • Weapon – Staff (Melee)
  • Damage – Magic
  • Passive: Fire Walking – Increases movement speed by 75% and take less damage in lava.
  • Spit Fire – Dragon shoots a fireball if charged enough. Takes 7 hits to fully charge.
  • Burnt Offering – Throws a dragon idol that detonates for area damage after being hit 4 times.
  • Ultimate: Avatar of Flame – Transforms into a dragon.
    • Increases stability by 200, movement speed by 10, decreases damage by 50%, attacks do area damage, increases damage and attack speed. Lasts 15 seconds.

Fae Trickster

trove classes fae trickster

  • Cubits Cost – 5,000
  • Weapon – Staff (Ranged)
  • Damage – Magic
  • Passive: Ego Blast – Increases basic attack damage by 2-3 times if not attacked for 2-3 seconds.
  • Blink – Teleport forward and leaves a decoy behind that lasts for 4 seconds or until destroyed.
  • Glitter Bomb – Throws a bomb that does area damage.
  • Ultimate: Faerie Dance – Summons 3 staves that shoot and lasts for 6-8 seconds or until destroyed. 

Candy Barbarian

trove classes candy barbarian

  • Cubits Cost – 5,000
  • Weapon – Melee
  • Damage – Physical
  • Passive: Gum Drop – Drops sour candy when you get attacked. Candy increases attack speed by 75 and movement speed by 20. Lasts 3 seconds.
  • Vanilla Swirlwind – Spinning area attack that knocks healing candy out of enemies.
  • Sugar Crash – Leaps for an area attack that knocks sour candy out of enemies.
  • Ultimate: Eis-Crom Cone – Throws an ice-cream cone that does area damage and drops 8 healing candies and 1 sour candy. This can be used to heal other players.

Ice Sage

trove classes ice sage

  • Cubits Cost – 5,000
  • Weapon – Staff (Ranged)
  • Damage – Magic
  • Passive: Coldhearted – Walk on ice without sliding and causes basic attacks to slow enemies for 5 seconds.
  • Ice Crash – Summon an icicle from the sky to damage enemies. Can’t be used in areas with low ceilings.
  • Frozen Ward – Increases movement speed, attack speed, and magic damage. Absorbs the next attack.
  • Ultimate: The Big Chill – Freezes enemies for 6 seconds. While frozen, keep attacking enemies. When they unfreeze, all the damage done to them during the 6 seconds, happens all at once.


trove classes bommeranger

  • Cubits Cost – 6,500
  • Weapon – Bow or Melee (Ranged/Melee)
  • Damage – Physical
  • Passive: Finishing Blow – Every 3rd attack does extra damage.
    • Melee does a spin attack.
    • Bow shoots 3 arrows at once.
  • Boomerang – Throws a boomerang that stuns enemies. It reduces all skill cooldowns if you catch it.
  • Big Bomb – Throws a bomb that sticks to any surface and does huge area damage.
  • Ultimate: Mysterious Urn – Throws an urn that does area damage and gives a random effect.
    • Cluster Bombs – Extra area damage
    • Healing Gems – Similar to Candy Barbarians Eis-crom cone.
    • Cooldown Gems – Reduces cooldown to all players in the area.
    • Quchick Allies – Summons 3 chickens to help fight

Tomb Raiser

trove classes tomb raiser

  • Cubits Cost – 8,000
  • Weapon – Staff (Melee)
  • Damage – Magic
  • Passive: Soul Caller – Periodically attracts a restless soul, up to 3. Also causes basic attacks to heal you for some of the damage it does. Killing enemies gives 1 restless soul.
  • Bonetourage – Uses one of your restless souls to spawn a skeletal minion that fights until it runs out of health.
  • Banshee’s Boon – Turns into ghost form and reduces damage taken by 90%. Also, makes your primary attack do area damage and rapidly drains energy.
  • Ultimate: Grave Goliath – Sacrifices all active minions to summon a huge Grave Goliath. The moe minions you sacrifice, the stronger the Grave Goliath becomes.

That wraps up my guide on unlocking classes in Trove. Be sure to check back because I’ll update this when new classes get released. Also, stay tuned for more Trove content and guides.

Let me know if you have any questions or tips for using any of the classes in Trove.

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