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How to Use Crafting Materials in Wuthering Waves

Here's how to use all those crafting materials you're picking up in Wuthering Waves.

There are plenty of crafting materials you’ll pick up early in Wuthering Waves that you might not know how to use. The game doesn’t even elaborate on them in the early game. Here’s how to use crafting materials in Wuthering Waves and the best items to craft early.

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How to Craft Items in Wuthering Waves

Crafting items is mostly done at the Synthesizer in Jinzhou located on the roof of a building in the marked location above. This is the best way to use all the materials you find while exploring early. Here, you can craft healing consumables, character ascension materials, upgrade materials, XP consumables, and much more. The ingredients you need are the various flowers and fungi you’ll pick up, along with ores from breakable veins. You can also buy crafting ingredients from the other shops in Jinzhou.

The Potion Making tab is all about healing and boosting your stats. You can find a lot of the ingredients needed here in the world as flower pick-ups, from the Shifang Pharmacy, or in the second Construction tab. The Constructing tab holds XP consumables and materials needed in the Potion Making tab. Lastly, the Purification tab is full of items you’ll need for ascending characters and improving their gear.

Best Early Use of Crafting Materials in Wuthering Waves

I would highly recommend focusing on Healing items and XP consumables in the Potion Making/Constructing tab early. The Purification tab is solely for crafting higher-level ascension materials, which you won’t need in the early game. If you need lower-level ascension materials, then Uncle Wei and the Crafting station to the left of the Synthesizer and down the stairs is your best bet.

And that’s how to use crafting materials in Wuthering Waves. For more WW guides, check out our guide on Sonata Effects.

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