How to Use Photo Mode in Palia

Take amazing screenshots with photo mode in Palia.

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Whether you want to show off your house, your garden, or the epic fish you caught in Palia, photo mode is a must. With the ability to zoom in close, removing the quest UI, and inventory bar, photo mode allows you to capture superior quality images when compared to regular screenshots. For those of us that like to share our achievements in photo form, here’s how to use photo mode in Palia.

How to Get Photo Mode in Palia

To open photo mode in Palia, you need to press the K key. You can turn the camera to selfie mode, zoom in and out, as well as move the camera around. Take the photo with the LMB. Then you need to click the Recent button. This brings you to all photos taken in photo mode during this session. You need to select and save the photos you want to keep, otherwise they’ll be erased.

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Where to Find Your Photos

To find your photos, you want to use the following steps:

  • Navigate to the windows search bar
  • Enter %appdata%
  • Select the AppData file folder
  • Select Local
    • You may need to go back a folder if you automatically end up in Roaming
  • Choose Palia
  • Navigate to Saved
  • Select Screenshots

That’s how to use photo mode in Palia. Once you have images you want to keep, save them so they won’t expire. Then you can find them in your AppData folder on your PC. For more walkthroughs on mechanics in Palia, check out our guide library. We cover the skill minigames in fishing, and cooking, how to catch bugs, and companion planting.

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