How to Use The Repair Kit in Palworld: Repair Tools, Items, and Weapons

Repair Kits can be a critical part of your base's upkeep in Palworld. Here's how to use them.

A Tamer and Pals work on a base
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An adventurer is only as good as their tools. And tools need constant repair, especially in Palworld. That’s why it’s vital to know how to use the Repair Kit and Repair Bench to ensure everything in your base and on your person is in tip-top shape.

How to Use the Repair Kit in Palworld

Using a repair kit in Palworld

Once you reach Level 3 in Palworld, you can craft the Repair Kit at any Workbench for x5 Fiber and x5 Stone. Fiber comes from chopping trees and Stone from mining stone. Build a Loggin Site and Stone Pit at Level 6 and Level 7, respectively, for an endless supply of both.

To use Repair Kits, approach any damaged structure in your base and press the corresponding button prompt. Hold it down for the full duration of the repair. When the bar completely fills, your structure regains about 1,000 HP.

How to Use the Repair Bench

However, Repair Kits can only repair structures in your base. You can’t use them on your weapons or armor. To repair everything else in your inventory, you need the Repair Bench building. The Bench is easier to make. It unlocks at Level 2 and requires x10 Wood and x10 Stone to build.

The Repair Bench lets you repair an item for a fraction of the resources used to craft it. A Metal Spear, for instance, requires x1 Wood, x1 Stone, and x1 Ingot. Repairing higher rarities and qualities requires rarer materials. Shields starting with the Mega Shield require Paldium Crystals, as an example.

The Repair Bench menu in Palworld
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You’ll return to your base frequently to restock on materials, check on your Pals, and repair your gear and buildings. Random enemy events happen whether you’re present or not, and I had a group of Pals twice my team’s average level arrive to stomp the place into the dirt before I could drive them off. If your base’s Pal population isn’t up to snuff, you might return to find your base in ruins and an entire squadron of Pals unconscious amidst the rubble.

And that’s everything you need to know about repairing your buildings and equipment in Palworld using the Repair Kit and Repair Bench. It’s not the most complex system, but neither is clearly explained. For more content on the game, check out our Palworld guides hub.

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