Having trouble connecting to online matchmaking in Hyper Scape? Here are a few possible solutions to getting past error code Orchid-Co22.

Hyper Scape Error Code Orchid-Co22 Fix Guide

Having trouble connecting to online matchmaking in Hyper Scape? Here are a few possible solutions to getting past error code Orchid-Co22.

Hyper Scape, the new free-to-play battle royale game from Ubisoft, shows a lot of potential, even this early in its life-cycle. But, unfortunately, it’s got a few bugs and glitches to sort out. Error code Orchid-Co22 has been plaguing matchmaking, and many players have been wondering how to fix it. 

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Ubisoft is currently investigating the issue, but before the official patch arrives, here are [email protected] possible solutions to the problem. 

Solution 1: Leave the Lobby and Rejoin

The first thing you should try before anything else is leaving the lobby and trying to rejoin. Sometimes the simplest solution is the answer. 

Solution 2: Close Hyper Scape Completely and Restart

Another easy bit of troubleshooting if the above solution does not work is completely exiting Hyper Scape and restarting the game. Try to enter matchmaking again and see if the error code fixes itself. 

Solution 3: Check for Updates

Some players have reported that error code Orchid-Co22 is caused by various updates to the game. If reentering matchmaking or restarting don’t work, try looking for Hyper Scape updates. Automatic updates should already be enabled, but you go can go into the game’s properties by viewing game details. 

Solution 4: Disconnect from Your VPN

Error code Orchid-Co22 seems to be associated with the region players are trying to connect from. Typically, it is a common issue for players using a VPN. If you’re using a VPN, the first thing you should do is simply disconnect from the VPN

Solution 5: Restart Your Router

If you aren’t using VPN to play Hyper Scape, then you should restart your router. Though you can simply turn the router off, it’s best to completely unplug your router and wait about 30 seconds before plugging it back in. That will hard restart your router.

Once your router comes back on, try to connect to online matchmaking again. It may not work the first time you try, so keep trying until you connect. 

The reason it may not connect right away seems to be due to unstable servers and netcode bugs that may still be present in Hyper Scape. This should be easily fixed after the release of an official patch from Ubisoft.

Solution 6: Turn Off Voice Chat

This solution may seem a bit strange at first, but it has been reported to work by several on Reddit, including the initial poster, slAtttttvbjkk. It appears this fix may work, but only in Squad mode. It does not seem to work in Solo mode.

Surprisingly, this has seemingly worked on both consoles and PC. Here’s how to turn off voice chat in Hyper Scape:

  1. Go to the game menu
  2. Select “Audio
  3. Go to “Voice Chat” section
  4. In the “Voice Chat channel” option, choose “Disable voice chat

That’s all you need to know on how to fix error code Orchid-C022 in Hyper Scape for now. Ubisoft may very patch the bug, so keep an eye on the Hyper Scape Twitter account for more. 

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