Check this guide out to unlock every character in Hyrule Warriors Legends!

Hyrule Warriors Legends Guide: How to Unlock Every Character

Check this guide out to unlock every character in Hyrule Warriors Legends!
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Hyrule Warriors Legends has many characters to choose from and unlock. Chances are, at least one of your favorite characters in playable in this game. Now you just need to find out how to unlock them, right?

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I’ll help with that. Some characters can be unlocked just by going through the story in Legend Mode. Other characters have to be unlocked by completing specific battles and searches in Adventure mode.

I’ll show you how to get every character in the game so you can work on getting your favorites. If you need more info on how Adventure mode works, check out my Hyrule Warriors Legends Adventure Mode Guide.

This guide will go over how to unlock every character in Hyrule Warriors Legends including:

  • Legend Mode Unlocks – Which characters are unlocked in Legend mode and how to get them.
  • Adventure Mode Unlocks – Which characters are unlocked in Adventure Mode and how to get them.

Legend Mode Unlocks

The story in Legend Mode is broken up into chapters. I’ll list the name of the level you need to play and the chapter in parentheses

Impa – (Prologue) Complete The Armies of Ruin level 

Shiek – (Prologue) Complete The Sheikah Tribesman

Lana – (Prologue) Complete The Sorceress of the Woods 

Linkle – (Prologue) Complete The Sorceress of the Woods 

Midna – (Twilight Princess) Complete Land of Twilight 

Darunia – (Ocarina of Time) Complete Land of Myth 

Fi – (Skyward Sword) Complete Land in the Sky 

Zelda – Complete all the Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword missions to unlock the Epilogue and Zelda.

Ganondorf – Complete the Epilogue to unlock Ganondorf’s story

Cia – Complete The Grand Finale chapter to unlock Cia’s Tale and Cia as a playable character.

Volga – (Cia’s Tale) Complete The Dragon of the Caves 

Wizzro – (Cia’s Tale) Complete The Dragon of the Caves 

Tetra – (Wind Waker) Complete The Search for Cia 

King Daphnes – (Wind Waker) Complete Reclaiming the Darkness 

Adventure Mode Unlocks

This mode requires you to beat the panel that has the character icon on it. Many times you will need to search to unlock the ability to unlock the character. (Read my guide to adventure mode if you’re having trouble.)

If you haven’t done much of Legend mode, many of the paths will be blocked. I suggest finishing all of Legend Mode before trying to unlock these characters.

I’ll also list what items you need to use after searching. The panels will be described by their row, then column starting from the top. So Twili Midna, for example, is in the top right panel of the map, which is called 1-16.

Toon Link – Complete the panel 7-9. This is close to where you start Adventure mode.

Hyrule Warriors Legends Toon Link unlock

Ruto – Complete the panel 5-10.

  • You need a power bracelet to move the boulder when you search the panel with a compass. This unlocks the ability to unlock her for winning the battle.

Agitha – Complete the panel 4-7.

  • You need a water bomb to destroy the boulder in the water once you search with compass.

Skull Kid – Complete the panel 3-13.

  • You need a bomb to blow up the spot when you search.

Tingle – Complete the panel 1-12.

  • You have to search with a compass to reveal a circle of flames. Use the Ice Arrows item to reveal Tingle, then beat the level to unlock him.

Twili Midna – Complete the panel 1-16. It is the in the top right corner of the first map.

  • You have to use a hookshot item in the tile underneath it to reveal the path, then get an A rank in that tile to unlock the Twili Midna tile.
  • When you get to her tile, use a compass to reveal a grassy looking area. Use the Digging Mitts item, there is one on the panel to the left of Twili Midna, to reveal her. Beat the level to unlock her.

Young Link – Complete the panel 2-1.

  • You need to use a compass to reveal the spot in the wall, then the Bomb item card to unlock the reward.

Zant – Complete the panel 3-3.

  • Use the Digging Mitts on the soft patch of earth when you search the panel. No need to use a compass.

Ghirahim – Complete the panel 7-3.

  • Use the compass to reveal the tree, then use a candle to burn it down. This reveals Ghirahim, then just complete the battle to unlock him.

That’s all of the characters you can unlock in Hyrule Warriors Legends. Let me know if you have any questions!

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