Immortals of Aveum: How to Destroy Red Crystals

Curious about those red stones in Immortals of Aveum? Here's how to break them open.

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There is a lot to discover in Immortals of Aveum, but one of the most curious things is the random red crystals you’ll find sticking out of the ground. Like many aspects of the game, the purpose of these isn’t obvious at first and it will be unknown how to interact with them for a while. Here’s how to destroy the red crystals and gain their rewards in Immortals of Aveum.

How to Destroy Red Crystals in Immortals of Aveum

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The only way to destroy and break open these crystals is by using the Disrupt Control spell with the Refract augment. Simply use the Disrupt Lens on one for a small amount of time (indicated by a round timer) and it will break open.

Both the Disrupt and Augment spells are a part of the story missions, so there’s no need to worry about missing them. The latter in particular is discovered in the eleventh mission called The Binding Mark.

I do want to point out the possibility that you might only need the Disrupt spell for this. I tried to use it on them one time and without success, but that was before an update that fixed quite a few problems. My next attempt was after I gained the Refract augment spell and that’s when it worked for me.

What’s Inside the Red Crystals?

Destroying these eye-catching red stones will reward you with a healing crystal and a mana crystal. Although most areas will provide you with an abundance of each, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have additional access to them. Whether you’re fighting in the open or just need to refill your supply, taking the time to destroy these is well worth it.

That should answer any questions you have, including how to destroy red crystals. There are just one of the many reasons to revisit old areas with new spells. Keep an eye out as we bring out some more tips and tricks with our Immortals of Aveum guides.

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