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Immortals of Aveum: How to Use Grapple

Wondering how to grapple in Immortals of Aveum? This is what you need to know.

Whether you’ve only spent a few hours playing Immortals of Aveum or have kept up with every trailer and preview, there’s a high chance you’re wondering when you can start grappling around. Even if there isn’t any mention of it early on, the signs that it’s an ability aren’t exactly subtle. Here’s everything you need to know about how to grapple in Immortals of Aveum, from when you’ll gain the ability to what situations it can be used in.

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How to Use the Grapple Spell in Immortals of Aveum

The ability to grapple onto things won’t come around until you have the Grapple Augment spell. This is a mandatory spell you learn during the story, but it will take a while.

How to Unlock the Grapple Spell

Although you unlock the precursor Lash spell early on, the Grapple augment spell won’t unlock until the eighth chapter, Exile. Learning it is the first objective in the mission, requiring you to travel to a Shroudfane in Havensheer.

This Shroudfane isn’t a difficult combat trial like most others – it’s more or less an obstacle course/tutorial for the spell. Complete it and you’ll be free to use it wherever on Lash Anchors and Leylines. Both are also represented on the map, although the latter is especially hard to miss in-game.

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How to Grapple onto Lash Anchors

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All you need to do is make sure the Lash Control spell is equipped and then hold the button down (LT/L2 for Xbox/PlayStation) to attach to a nearby Lash Anchor. These anchors are represented as floating bluish-purple devices. If that’s not enough, a coiling whip-like symbol will appear over them when you’re close enough to grapple on.

The spell takes a bit of time to attach, so I recommend hovering if the next anchor is farther away. It’s also important to note that each anchor has a short period where it can’t be used again. That means you won’t be able to use it repeatedly if you’ve misjudged your timing or accidentally canceled the hover.

How to Grapple onto Leylines

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The Grapple Spell can also be used to attach and ride Leylines, although you’ll need to use the reload/interact button (X/Square) to do it. You’ll then be left holding on as it takes you in whichever direction you are facing. Sometimes obstacles will appear in your path, requiring you to move left or right to avoid them.

It’s a bit harder to naturally gauge how close you need to be to do it since there aren’t preset locations like with lash anchors, but a large button prompt will appear when you’re close enough to the leyline. There’s no recovery period for these either, so feel free to jump off and reattach yourself as much as you want.

That’s everything you need to know about how to use Grapple in Immortals of Aveum. If you’ve been curious about other objects that you just know can be interacted with somehow, check out our guide for how to destroy red crystals. For everything else, swing on over to our collection of Immortals of Aveum guides.

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