inFAMOUS: Second Son Paper Trail Guide: Part 2

Part two of inFAMOUS: Second Son Paper Trail side-story.

Part two of inFAMOUS: Second Son Paper Trail side-story.

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After figuring out the puzzles in the first part of Paper Trail, you’ll be able to track down Killian Czalov by using the phone-tracking device. Using this magical technology will lead you to; you guessed it, the corpse of Czalov.

A True Detective (Stealing Evidence)

Once there you’ll have to examine the scene for evidence, much as you did the first time. But unlike your first evidence stealing adventures this one yields less complicated results. The only really interesting development to come of this is the ability to track down and follow the tracker drones used by Czalov and his “associates.”

**Just hangin’ out. Wait… did I use that one already?**

Following the drone will lead you to what can only be referred to as a “drug dealer hang out session.” Obviously, they won’t be thrilled with Delsin’s presence, so kill them or incapacitate them depending upon your karmic desires.

Droning On

After dispatching the dealers you’ll be prompted to examine the evidence outside of the game, on your computer. Doing so will show the drone, asking for a code. This tie examining the evidence will yield no helpful information. The deal with this mini-game is to kind of guess the code via trial-and-error.

A good strategy here is to go in order. If the number turns green it means that one can stick around, if it turns yellow it means it belongs in a spot to the right or left of the current position. If you exhaust all of your tries, the number will reset and you’ll be forced to start over.

If you REALLY don’t feel like going through the mini-game, there is a work-around cheat. Start by right clicking the screen and selecting view source. This will bring up the HTML for the site. Obviously, much of this is gibberish code, so next do a CTRL + F and search for var currpd – the 6-digit number directly after that is your code. Just put that in, and be greeted with another clue.

**They say geniuses have poor penmanship. Also sociopaths. Geniuses and sociopaths.**

The letter (next to the massive wads of cash) in the drone directs you to the Crocodile Club – the place where you fought Fetch earlier and discovered the first body. Enter the club through the roof and you’ll find another origami left by our creepy friend Celia, and another corpse. 

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