Is Exoprimal Crossplay? Answered

Exoprimal focuses on multiplayer, but does it also support crossplay? Find out here!

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Since wasting dinos is more fun with friends, you may be wondering if you can play Capcom’s shooter across various platforms. And we’re here to answer the question: is Exoprimal crossplay? While it might not be the Dino Crisis spiritual successor that some were hoping for, it offers you the chance to battle hordes (and hordes) of dinosaurs. Having a dedicated team will make a lot of difference.

Is Exoprimal Crossplay? Answered

So is Exoprimal crossplay? The simple answer is: Yes, crossplay is supported. However, it’s only supported in matchmaking, not for partying up with your friends. If I’m playing on PlayStation, for example, I can only join a party with friends who are also playing on PlayStation. Then, when we’re matched into a game, other players who join us or are on the opposite team can be playing on any platform.

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Additionally, because the PC version of Exoprimal can be played on both Steam and Games Pass, they’re treated like separate platforms. So if I’m on Steam, I can’t join a party with a friend on Games Pass. But I could be matched with players on Games Pass during matchmaking. It’s weird, I know.

When interviewed by Fanmitsu, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, a Capcom representative, said that future Capcom games will have crossplay support. This lines up with Capcom’s recent trends of making games with the feature, which we’ve seen in Street Fighter 6 and Monster Hunter. While Capcom’s future games will have crossplay, the question is whether they’ll stick with the Exoprimal style and its limitations or work to make it so you can group up with others no matter the system they play on.

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