Is Skull and Bones on Game Pass?

Find out if Skull and Bones is on Xbox Game Pass here.

Skull and bones pirate ship in the sunset view.
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I’m always looking forward to what Xbox Game Pass has in store, and I know I’m not alone. The library has only gotten better and better over the years. So, is Skull and Bones going to be on Game Pass? Find out here.

Is Skull and Bones Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, no, Skull and Bones is not going to be on Game Pass at launch on February 16. Of course, there’s a chance this will change at some point in the future, because Xbox is always updating its library with new and exciting content. However, you’ll still need a Game Pass subscription to play the game because it requires an online connection.

All Skull and Bones Editions & Pre-Order Bonuses

You’ll need to purchase Skull and Bones, but it’s not without its options. There are two editions of the game available for purchase. Find all the details below.

  • Standard Edition: $59.99
    • Only includes the base game.
  • Premium Edition: $89.99
    • 3 days of early access.
    • Premium Bonus Pack
      • Ballad of Bloody Bones Collection with the Bloody Bones Captain outfit and the Ashen Corsair Ship Set with eleven different ship vanity items.
    • Two extra missions.
      • The Ashen Corsair: Follow the trail of a legendary cursed ship. Complete the mission and unlock the Ashen Followers crew outfit.   
      • Bloody Bones Legacy: Uncover the truth behind a pirate legend. Complete the mission and unlock the Death’s Hand pet.
    • Soundtrack (sea shanties included).
    • 84 page digital artbook.
    • Smuggler pass token.
      • Unlocks the premium battle pass with additional content available upon the new season’s release.
    • Pre-order bonus: Highness of the High Sea Pack. Includes the Notoriety Garb and the Coronation Firework.

So, while the Premium edition has a hefty price tag, it has a fair share of pirate’s booty to go along with it. That answers if Skull and Bones is on Game Pass. For more, sail on over to our guides hub, where we have topics on how to harvest Acacia Wood and how PvP works in the game.

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