Is Wild Hearts Open World?

The world of Wild Hearts is quite large, but is the game open world? Here's the answer.

The world of Wild Hearts is quite large, but is the game open world? Here's the answer.

Wild Hearts boasts a vibrant environment teeming with harvestable items, small Kemono to interact with, and dragon pits to unlock. You can take on side quests and hunts instead of the main story line. So is Wild Hearts an open world game?

Is Wild Hearts Open World? Answered

The short answer is yes, Wild Hearts is an open world game. This is due to the fact that the game world is divided into five separate regions, along with the hub town Minato, that are fully explorable and not locked into linear quest progression. You can travel between regions, take on side hunts, and more, all while ignoring the main story line, if you wish.

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Each region in Wild Hearts is fully explorable once it becomes available. You are able to check out all the nooks and crannies, find all the Tsukumo, and create all the Karakuri. You can fight the Kemono you find at any time and discover any camping spot. However, it is only in the unlocked regions you are able to do this. The final area, the Sacred Mountain, is not accessible until you unlock the other four regions and are heading into the end of the game. 

Regardless if Wild Hearts is open world or not, the expansive regions offer a plethora of things to do. From fishing to hunting Kemono to finding tsukumo to just exploring what there is to offer, Wild Hearts is packed with content. Check out some of our guides to find out more.

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