Is Your Nintendo Gamepad Losing Connection to Wii U? Try This Fix

Make sure the sensor bar is properly connected to solve lost or loosing connections of the Nintendo Wii U gamepad.
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A hot ticket item each Christmas is a new console or handheld device like the 3DS, especially when new generations or versions launch. For those who are new to Nintendo Wii U, things could go wrong that consumers don’t know how to fix, and they may end up thinking they bought a crappy gaming system.

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Like many others, my two girls got a Wii U from Santa this morning. After a break from playing, they attempted to power up the Wii U; we found that our gamepad would not maintain a connection to the Wii U. Any time we tried to select an item off the gamepad screen, we would get an error screen saying lost connection. Aggravation set in quickly as we had two youngsters wanting to get back to their Disney Infinity. A few moments was all it took to discover the issue: If you get this error where the gamepad is loosing connection or has lost connection, check the sensor bar connection on the back of the Wii U. The gamepad can not connect to the console if this sensor bar has come unplugged.

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