This guide shows you exactly how to use the map to your advantage in, as well as how to get the killshot as the hunter, and how to unlock skins. Guide To Winning Every Match

This guide shows you exactly how to use the map to your advantage in, as well as how to get the killshot as the hunter, and how to unlock skins.

While it’s a rarity, is a legitimately Jaws-branded .io title straight from Universal Studios and not a knock off using similar imagery.

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As you might expect, plays just like any other fast-paced .io game, but with a few minor tweaks. As expected, your goal is to move around the arena and grow in size while picking up items and avoiding other players.

The change here is in whether you are playing Hunter mode, which lets you fire back at the shark, or in Jaws mode, which lets you eat any player boat you come across regardless of size. 

Below, we’ll look at how to use the map to effectively as a shark to rack up points, how to get killshots as the hunter, and how to unlock skins. 

Using The Map Effectively

As the shark, your main goal in is to pick up as many items as possible to grow in size and rack up points, which means you want to hit the densest collection of objects possible, such as boats, swimmers, and docks. 

In most cases, the corners of the map are typically the best place to go because they have large collections of ships docked on the beach; you can plow through them all right from the start.

The brown docks can be picked up just like boats and swimmers, which means more points with less aiming.

It’s worthy to note that the map is randomized in each match; sometimes the small islands toward the center often have larger clusters of docks, ships, and swimmers when the corners are randomly empty. Nearly everything is destructible, except the light buoys.

When playing as a Hunter, size only matters in relation to the other players, not in relation to the objects that can be picked up. In other words, you can hit a pleasure yacht that’s three time your size on a dock and grow, but if you hit a player boat that’s just slightly larger than your ship, you will have to respawn.

Also as the Hunter, the best way to avoid respawning is to move up and down an undulating wave or in Figure 8 pattern as soon as the red icon appears. This way, you can usually stay out of harm’s way, sometimes indefinitely. 

 Dense areas like this are what you are looking for 

Landing The Killshot As A Hunter

Hunters’ ships automatically fire directly at Jaws when he is in your line of sight. Take Jaws to zero health, and he respawns, netting you a huge point boost.

Aside from the auto fire, though, you also get a super shot, which charges up by collecting items. To charge faster for the killing shot, fire the super shot quickly the first time, then save your next shot for when the shark is low on health.

The bonus for landing the kill shot is so high that staying near Jaws and getting repeatedly eaten is a viable, worthwhile strategy. 

In the end score below, I ignored most of the docks at the edges and just trailed behind the shark until I got the kill shot, picking up anything he missed and occasionally running over smaller boats. With that strategy, I still finished almost 600 points ahead of the next player. 

How To Unlock Skins In

As with any .io game, progression focuses on unlocking new skins for Jaws or boat types for Hunters. Below is the full list of skins and their unlock requirements, although it’s worthy to note that many of these can be bought outright for 0.99 cents instead:

  • Hammerhead Shark: watch 15 ads 
  • Battle Scarred Jaws: finish a match in 1st place
  • Whale Shark: play 3 days in a row 
  • Basking Shark: earn 50 shark points
  • Bull Shark: earn 450 shark points
  • Thresher Shark: earn 1250 shark points
  • Goblin Shark: earn 2450 shark points
  • Tiger Shark: earn 4050 shark points
  • Mecha Jaws: earn 6050 shark points
  • Jawsdroid: earn 7200 shark points
  • Holojaws: earn 9000 shark points
  • Yacht: watch 5 ads
  • The Orca: watch 30 ads
  • Sailboat: play 2 days in a row
  • Sumbarine: play 7 days in a row
  • Hooper’s Boat: earn 200 shark points
  • Amity Police Boat: earn 800 shark points
  • Islander Boat: earn 1800 shark points
  • Racing Boat: earn 3200 shark points
  • Shark Hunter Boat: earn 5000 shark points
  • Riverboat: earn 10800 shark points might be a relatively simple game on the surface, but getting the highest score can be tough. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you get the high score whether you’re playing as the shark or the hunter. 

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