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Jianxin Ascension Materials (& How to Get Them) in Wuthering Waves

Here are all of Jianxin's ascension materials and how to get them.

Jianxin is an incredible potential sub-DPS and support character that often scores in the higher tier list rankings. Let’s list all the Jianxin ascension materials and how to get them in Wuthering Waves so that you can max her out fast.

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All Ascension Materials for Jianxin in Wuthering Waves

To fully ascend and level up Jianxin to her maximum rank, you’ll need the following materials for each rank:

  • Level 20: 4x LF Howler Core and 5000 Shell Credits.
  • Level 40: 4x MF Howler Core, 3x Roaring Rock Fist, 4x Lanternberry, and 10,000 Shell Credits.
  • Level 50: 8x MF Howler Core, 6x Roaring Rock Fist, 8x Lanternberry, and 15,000 Shell Credits.
  • Level 60: 4x HF Howler Core, 9x Roaring Rock Fist, 12x Lanternberry, and 20,000 Shell Credits.
  • Level 70: 8x HF Howler Core, 12x Roaring Rock Fist, 16x Lanternberry, and 40,000 Shell Credits.
  • Level 80: 4x FF Howler Core, 16x Roaring Rock Fist, 20x Lanternberry, and 80,000 Shell Credits.

In total, you need 170,000 Shell Credits, 8 LF Howler Cores, 8 MF Howler Cores, 12 HF Howler Cores, and 4 FF Howler Cores, along with 60 Lanternberries. Let’s take a look at where you can find all of these ascension materials.

Where to Find Lanternberry in Wuthering Waves?

There are two ways to get the Lanternberry Jianxin ascension material. You can either farm it in the Tiger’s Maw or buy it from the Shifang Pharmacy. If you want to farm them, they can be found in caves around the Tiger’s Maw area south of Jinzhou. As for buying them, you can purchase up to 15 Lanterberries per week in Jinzhou from the Shifang Pharmacy.

Where to Farm Howler Cores in Wuthering Waves?

Howler Cores drop from Howler TDs, and the early rarities can also be bought from Uncle Wei at the Weapon’s Shop in Jinzhou. That said, you’ll farm the most from Forgery Challenges. I would also visit the Synthesizer in Jinzhou from time to time to craft any higher-tier Howler Cores you need.

How to Farm Roaring Rock Fist in Wuthering Waves?

Once you unlock world bosses, you can farm the Roaring Rock Fist Jianxin ascension material from the Feilian Beringal world boss in the Dim Forest. In terms of difficulty, he’s not the hardest boss if you’re properly geared, so you just have to keep track of your Waveplates. He’s also the best Jianxin Echo so you get to farm that as well as you’re gathering Roaring Rock Fists.

That’s it for my guide on all Jianxin ascension materials and how to get them in Wuthering Waves. For more Wuthering Waves guides, check out the best Calcharo Echoes.

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