Just Cause 3: Di Ravello Tapes Location Guide on Insula Fonte

Here's your location guide to the Di Ravello collectible tapes on Insula Fonte in Just Cause 3.

Here's your location guide to the Di Ravello collectible tapes on Insula Fonte in Just Cause 3.

I hope you’ve been enjoying yourself as you liberate the people of Medici in Just Cause 3 from the dictatorship of Di Ravello.

On the beautiful Insula Fonte, there are 20 locations you need to find in order to get all the Di Ravello tape collectibles in this region. This is just one of the three islands to search. The other two are:

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Happy hunting!

Tape 1

Province: Sirocco Sud – Cirilla

Coordinates: N 40 38.40 E 5 42.37

Located on the porch of the small house facing the ocean.

Tape 2

Province: Sirocco Sud – Laguna Del Sol

Coordinates: N 40 38.65 E 5 42.65

Located between the two benches in front of a small planter box facing the water to the north.

Tape 3

Province: Sirocco Nord – Costa Di Ravello

Coordinates: N 40 38.95 E 5 42.66

Located on the east side of the gas station, next to a tool box.

Tape 4

Province: Sirocco Nord – Costa Del Porto

Coordinates: N 40 39.29 E 5 42.87

Located on a balcony facing north with a clothes line and potted trees.

Tape 5

Province: Lacos

Coordinates: N 40 40.07 E 5 43.71

Look for a white house with a red roof extending from the hills. It will be located on the hidden balcony.

Tape 6

Province: Lacos – Fortalessa

Coordinates: N 40 40.16 E 5 42.76

Look for a yellow roofed building with a balcony to the east. It’ll be beside a bench below.

Tape 7

Province: Lacos – Alba

Coordinates: N 40 40.69 E 5 43.53

Look for a red-shingled home the northeast with a red-shingled white privacy wall. It’ll be on the opposite side.

Tape 8

Province: Lacos – Colle Salrosa

Coordinates: N 40 40.95 E 5 44.18

Located near a door and black metal box by tables and umbrellas.

Tape 9

Province: Baia – Manaea

Coordinates: N 40 40.76 E 5 45.20

Look for an orange building facing the ocean. It’ll be on the balcony with potted trees.

Tape 10

Province: Plagia

Coordinates: N 40 41.58 E 5 44.68

Located at the gas station, to the left side of the doors.

Tape 11

Province: Plagia – Surpicco

Coordinates: N 40 42.36 E 5 44.37

Look for a white wall with a metal gate by the roadside. It’ll be next to broken down cars.

Tape 12

Province: Plagia – Surpicco

Coordinates: N 40 42.47 E 5 44.20

Located in the stairway leading to the vineyards on the east side.

Tape 13

Province: Plagia

Coordinates: N 40 42.51 E 5 43.95

Located on top of the Air Traffic Control Tower’s locked door.

Tape 14

Province: Plagia

Coordinates: N 40 42.25 E 5 43.78

Located on the opposite side of the metal gates facing the road to the east.

Tape 15

Province: Feno

Coordinates: N 40 42.37 E 5 42.86

Look for a yellow house facing a field of sunflowers. It’ll be on the balcony.

Tape 16

Province: Feno – Babica

Coordinates: N 40 42.73 E 5 43.29

Located on the on the rooftop garden of the most eastern building in the area.

Tape 17

Province: Feno – Babica

Coordinates: N 40 42.88 E 5 43.00

Look for the church with the large tower. The tape will be on the balcony of the building directly across the street.

Tape 18

Province: Feno – Albeto Pero

Coordinates: N 40 42.42 E 5 42.03

Located on the brick building’s balcony facing the road to the east.

Tape 19

Province: Lavanda – Rondella

Coordinates: N 40 41.95 E 5 41.59

Look for the Police Station. The tape is on the east facing building’s balcony.

Tape 20

Province: Lavanda – Lantuina

Coordinates: N 40 41.84 E 5 42.34

Located by the women’s restroom front door at the gas station.

Did you find them all?

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We’ll keep adding additional tips and guides as we progress throughout our gameplay of Just Cause 3.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more of the Di Ravello collectible tapes on Insula Striate coming soon.

Happy gaming!

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