Just Cause 3: Vintage CS44 Peace Bringer Parts Location Guide

Here are the locations to find all the vintage parts to the CS44 Peace Bringer revolver on Insula Dracon in Just Cause 3.

Hey Rico fans! I hope you've been enjoying the revolution in Medici in Just Cause 3. With so many collectibles to find, there's never a dull moment; is there?

On the beautiful Insula Dracon, there are 14 locations you need to find in order to assemble the Vintage CS44 Peace Bringer revolver. Once you find all the vintage parts, the weapon is all yours.

This is just one of the three islands to find collectibles. You'll also find the pieces to other awesome items in these locations:

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Happy hunting!

Vintage Part 1

Province: Capite Est - Vico Thunno

Coordinates: N 40 44.25 E 5 35.43

Located in front of the statue by entering through the vine covered door into the cave.

Vintage Part 2

Province: Capite Est - Vico Spigola

Coordinates: N 40 44.24 E 5 36.83

Located on the small peninsula next to the only tree.

Vintage Part 3

Province: Capite West

Coordinates: N 40 44.14 E 5 35.16

Located on a cliff facing southeast toward Porto Cavo.

Vintage Part 4

Province: Capite West

Coordinates: N 40 43.40 E 5 34.32

Located on a cliff facing south toward Volo Dracon.

Vintage Part 5

Province: Trio

Coordinates: N 40 42.37 E 5 34.83

Located on the north side of the tunnel after climbing the hill to the west.

Vintage Part 6

Province: Trio

Coordinates: N 40 42.35 E 5 35.31

Located on the east side of the bridge on the south side beach.

Vintage Part 7

Province: Trio

Coordinates: N 40 42.20 E 5 35.61

Located on the east-facing raised beach.

Vintage Part 8

Province: Cauda

Coordinates: N 40 41.10 E 5 34.96

Located in the small cavern between two mountain peaks.

Vintage Part 9

Province: Cauda

Coordinates: N 40 40.55 E 5 34.53

Located inside a small tunnel leading to Grotta Contrabandero. The beach's entrance is at N 40 40.45 E 5 34.64.

Vintage Part 10

Province: Petra

Coordinates: N 40 41.15 E 5 35.15

Located on the south slope of the mountain facing Platteforma Petra I.

Vintage Part 11

Province: Petra

Coordinates: N 40 40.98 E 5 36.53

Located on top of the mountain facing the Puncta Sud Radar.

Vintage Part 12

Province: Petra

Coordinates: N 40 41.91 E 5 37.07

Located in the southwest corner of the ruins on the island.

Vintage Part 13

Province: Massos

Coordinates: N 40 42.43 E 5 37.50

Located on the south side of the island facing Cinta.

Vintage Part 14

Province: Massos

Coordinates: N 40 43.04 E 5 36.82

Located in the small cave underneath the north facing cliff.

Congratulations -- you are now the owner of the Vintage CS44 Peace Bringer revolver.

To find the other two:

We'll keep adding additional tips and guides as we progress throughout our gameplay of Just Cause 3.

Happy gaming!

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Published Dec. 7th 2015
  • TeRa X KillerZz
    The coordinates for 10 are N 40 40.649 E 5 36.345
  • Quinn_5242
    Part 10 is a load of shit. Coordinates lead to nothing and its not even in petra ts in cauda.

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