This Kingdom Come Deliverance walkthrough guide will show you all of the game's treasure map and loot locations for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Maps Walkthrough Guide

This Kingdom Come Deliverance walkthrough guide will show you all of the game's treasure map and loot locations for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Travel around the Bavarian countryside in Kingdom Come: Deliverance long enough, and you’re sure to come across treasure maps. Whether you find them at vendors or lying about in the world, treasure maps will lead you to some of the game’s best loot and special items. 

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However, you don’t need to get the 20 treasure maps to find all of that wonderful treasure chest loot. Instead, you can use the Kingdom Come: Deliverance walkthrough guide below to go straight to each of the game’s treasure chests. 

If you pre-ordered KC:D on PS4, Xbox One, or PC and got the game’s DLC, then you should’ve also received an additional five ancient maps, which are covered in this guide already.

Treasure Map 1 (I)

Map location: Miller Simon’s Mill (east of Sasau)

Hand drawn medieval map showing trees, forest, river and cave location for map I

From Sasau, head straight to the Monastery, which is located to the north of Sasau, or south of Samopesh. In the western forest, you will find a cave, which will contain a chest with treasure from the first map.

Treasure Map 2 (II)

Map location: Sasau Monastery

Hand drawn medieval map showing field, forest, town, and river location for map II

The second treasure is located inside a grave to the west of the Monastery, near the river. You will find it at the large white tree.

Treasure Map 3 (III)

Map location: Fresco Master (Sasau)

Hand drawn medieval map showing field, town, river, and forest location for map III

The next treasure map location is located across the river from the last location. Look out for an old hut with a chest behind it.

Treasure Map 4 (IV)

Map location: Brother Nicodemus (Sasau Monastery)

Hand drawn medieval map pulled far back showing Ledetchko region and interesting site for map IV

To find this map location, look for an abandoned mineshaft in the forest between Ledetchko and Neuhof. Inside the mine, you will find a chest with treasure.

Treasure Map 5 (V)

Map location: Miller Woyzeck (Rattay Mill)

Hand drawn medieval map showing interesting site, Samopesh, Monastery, Ledetchko for map V

At the edge of the forest north of Ldetchko, you will stumble upon a dried-up well. At the bottom of the well, you will see a sack with loot.

Treasure Map 6 (VI)

Map location: Mysterious Wayfarer (Random locations)

Hand drawn medieval map zoomed in showing character in forest at interesting site for map VI

Not too far away from Ledetchko, you will see a lone wooden structure on the hill to the northeast. There you will see a chest with a hard lock.

Treasure Map 7 (VII)

Map location:?

Map VII showing woods, river, hills, Ledetchko with blacksmith, market, and other vendor symbols near woodland garden

The location of the map itself is still a secret, but you can get the chest without the map in the Woodland Garden, located to the northwest of Ledetchko.

Treasure Map 8 (VIII)

Map location:?

Map VIII shows a treasure location to the east of Ledetchko

This treasure chest is located on the cliffside to the east of Ledetchko. It is right under the bush at the nest with a dead horse.

Treasure Map 9 (IX)

Map location: North of Skalitz

Map location IX shows treasure near a rod south of Skalitz

This treasure map will lead you to the southern edge of Skalitz. You will see an open chest standing next to a bridge.

Treasure Map 10 (X)

Map location: Inn in the Glade (Neuhof)

Map X shows a treasure location at a grave in the forest east of Sasau and Vranik

There is a grave with a sack in the southwest of Ledetchko. You can also simply cross the river from Rattay Mill to get there.

Treasure Map 11 (XI)

Map location: Votava (Talmberg)

Map XI shows an interesting site location near the river east of Sasau and Vranik

From the previous point, move closer to the riverbank up north. You will see a treasure near a broken cart.

Treasure Map 12 (XII)

Map location: Miller Peshek (Rattay Mill)

Map XII shows an interesting site treasure location deep in the forest southeast of Rattay

Go deep into the southeastern forests of Rattay. At the location indicated on the map, you will find an old shack with a chest.

Treasure Map 13 (XIII)

Map location: Herbalist (Neuhof)

Map XIII shows a treasure location at the scene of an accident on the road northeast of Rattay near large tract of farmland

Outside of the forest, between Neuhof and Rattay, go to the location of an accident. There is a chest with a hard lock.

Treasure Map 14 (XIV)

Map location: Wayfarer (Rattay, Neuhof)

Map XIV shows treasure location at a grave southeast of Neuhof, along the road going through farmland

This grave with treasure is located right inside Neuhof. You will see it at the delta of a river, which runs through farming fields.

Treasure Map 15 (XV)

Map location: Tobias Feyfar (Rattay Castle)

Map XV shows an interesting site treasure location east of Ledetchko along the road before the river

On the way between Ledetchko and Nehof, you will stumble upon a destroyed barn. Near it, you will see a grave with a spade. Dig it up and claim your treasure.

Treasure Map 16 (XVI)

Map location: Herbalist (Samopesh)

A grave near the river far east of Merhojed holds a treasure

In the far-off western forest of Merhojed, you will find another grave. This one can be easily identified by a large white tree nearby.

Treasure Map 17 (XVII)

Map location: Huntsman (Rattay)

Map XVII shows a grave near a riverbank west of Merhojed but east of map XVI

From the previous location, cross the river and find another grave behind a wooden house. It’s relatively close to the previous spot.

Treasure Map 18 (XVIII)

Map location: Huntsman (Talmberg)

A medieval hand dranw map shows Talmber and an interesting site treasure location to the east near the forest and a pond

Just outside of Talmberg, you will find another chest. But this one is guarded by a poacher, so tread carefully.

Treasure Map 19 (XIX)

Map location: Wayfarer (Rattay, Ledetchko)

Map XIX Shows the red-hooded player avatar near a grave south of the monastery and west of a small tributary

The river south of the Monastery accommodates a small island. Make your way there and dig up a grave for a sack of loot.

Treasure Map 20 (XX)

Map location: Charlatan (Sasau)

Map XX shows red-hooded player avatar on hand-drawn map northwest of Skalitz

This treasure chest is hidden under a big bush that grows on the riverbank north of Skalitz.

Treasure Map 21 (XXI)

Map location: Southwest Camp (Skalitz)

Southwest of Skalitz, Map XI shows a cave location just south of a small village on the outskirts

Enter the cave to the west of Rovna. Walk as far as the ladder to the left, and go up. On the top level, you will find another chest.

Treasure Map 22 (XXII)

Map location: Scribe’s Office (Rattay)

Map XXII shows an interesting site location just off the road in the forest southwest of Vranik

Follow the river to the south of Vranik, and you will soon see the broken gallows. There is a sack with loot near it.

Treasure Map 23 (XXIII)

Map location: NA

Not found yet.

Treasure Map 24 (XXIV)

Map location: Mysterious Wayfarer (Random)
Treasure map XXIV shows a grave in the middle of a field north of Skalitz, west of a small farm

Use the spade to dig up a grave to the north of Skalitz. It’s right at the entrance of the forest.

Treasure Map 25 (XXV)

Map location: Tavern Cellar (Rattay)

Map XXV shows a treasure location to the west of Skalitz past two ponds at a grave

Go to the west of Skalitz, past the two ponds. There are some rocky cliffs with a grave on top. If you can get there, you can claim your loot from the sack.

If you’ve managed to find Treasure Map 23 (XXIII), then be sure to post the location in the comments below. For any other Kingdom Come: Deliverance guides at GameSkinny, please follow these links:

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