Last Day on Earth: Survival — How to Get Every Weapon

Do I go with the Spiked Devastator or the Skull Crusher? How do I get the Minigun? Why can't I make a hammer? You have questions, we have answers -- and weapons. Lots of weapons.

Do I go with the Spiked Devastator or the Skull Crusher? How do I get the Minigun? Why can't I make a hammer? You have questions, we have answers -- and weapons. Lots of weapons.

Hey, there. Glad to see you’re still alive in the world of Last Day on Earth: Survival. By now, you’ve probably figured out how to fill up water bottles and make some food — but we know what you’re really after in this zombie-eat-person world: weapons. Lucky for you, we have plenty of extra tickets to the gun show. 

While some weapons can be found on fallen enemies, in drop crates, and via other sources of swag (listed as Looted below), the majority of weapons in the game are made by you. It can be hard to piece together what your de facto zombie destroyer is when you’re in the dark, but with a little bit of digging (and some help from our friends over at the Last Day on Earth Wikia) we found the sweet stat spread so you can find your favorite method of mayhem for surviving your Last Day on Earth. 

Here is each weapon in the game, as well as that weapon’s type, damage, speed, DPS, and sneak attack where applicable. 

Weapon Name Type Damage Speed DPS Sneak Attack
  Spear  Crafted   10   1.0  10   30
  Hatchet  Crafted   7   0.9  7.7   21
  Pickaxe  Crafted   7   1.1  7.7   21
  Torch  Crafted   12   1.1  13.2   36
  Makeshift Bat  Crafted   14   1  14   42
  Cleaver  Crafted   17   1.4  23.8   51
  Crowbar  Crafted   17   1.6  27.2   51
  Nail Board  Crafted   22   1  22  66
  Shovel  Crafted   27   1  27   81
  Spiked Devastator  Crafted   27   1.3  35.1   81
  Glock 17  Crafted   20   3.3  66   N/A
  Skull Crusher  Crafted   45   0.7  31.5   135
  Machete  Crafted   30   1.3  39   90
  VSS Vintorez  Crafted   50   2  100   N/A
  Saw Blade Mace  Crafted   55   0.7  38.5   165
  S&W Magnum  Crafted   –   –  –   N/A
  Shotgun Crafted   70   0.9  63   N/A
  M16  Crafted   12   8.3  99.6   N/A
  AK-47  Crafted   15   8.3  124.5   N/A
  The Dragunov  Crafted   –   –  –   N/A
  Turret  Crafted  –   –   N/A
  Mortar  Crafted   –   –  –   N/A
 Hammer  Looted   8   1.7  13.6   24
  Hockey Stick  Looted   15   1.3  19.5   45
  Golf Club  Looted   18   1.1  19.8   54
  Baseball Bat  Looted   20   1  20   60
  Paddle  Looted   20   0.8  16   60
  Road Sign  Looted   30   0.7  21   90
  Katana  Looted   35   1.3  45.5   105
  Minigun  Looted     17     8.3  141.1   N/A

Now that you’ve picked out your tools of the trade, the hard part begins. See, crafting in Last Day on Earth: Survival has a few requirements — to unlock most items, you need to be at a certain character level. Once they are, a range of skill points is needed to “unlock” that schematic (usually a single point). Finally, you’re going to need the actual materials to make the weapon itself. 

If that sounds like a lot, never fear — we’ve broken it down into zombie-bite sized chunks below:

Weapon Name Level Requirement Materials Needed
  Spear  – 3 Pine Logs
  Hatchet  –  3 Pine Logs
3 Limestone
    Pickaxe    –   3 Pine Logs
3 Limestone
 Torch   14   5 Pine Logs
1 Animal Rawhide
2 Rope
  Makeshift Bat  6   5 Pine Planks
3 Duct Tape
  Cleaver  18   5 Iron Bar
5 Leather
4 Pine Planks
  Crowbar  22   7 Iron Bars
3 Leather
  Nail Board  28   5 Pine Planks
8 Nails
3 Duct Tape
  Shovel  34   8 Pine Planks
7 Iron Bars
5 Nails
  Spiked Devastator  34   10 Iron Bars
5 Empty Cans
5 Leather
8 Nails
  Glock 17*  40   20 Steel Bars
15 Bolts
8 Weapon Parts
  Skull Crusher  40   12 Iron Bars
12 Nails
5 Leather
4 Duct Tape
  Machete  52   15 Iron Bars
3 Pine Planks
12 Leather
  VSS Vintorez*  58   14 Weapon Parts
8 Titan Bars
10 Ash Planks
  Saw Blade Mace  64   15 Iron Bars
10 Pine Planks
5 Duct Tape
5 Scrap Metal
12 Leather
  S&W Magnum*  70   2 Weapon Parts
4 Tungsten Bars
2 Ash Planks
1 Duct Tape
  Shotgun*  76   2 Weapon Parts
5 Tungsten Bars
3 Ash Planks
2 Duct Tape
  M16*  76   4 Weapon Parts
8 Tungsten Bars
5 Ash Plank
  AK-47*  88   4 Weapon Parts
7 Tungsten Bars
5 Ash Planks
  The Dragunov*  88   5 Weapon Parts
10 Tungsten Bars
5 Ash Planks
  Turret*  88   8 Weapon Parts
15 Tungsten Bars
5 Hi-Tech Components
10 Ball Bearings
8 Wiring
  Mortar*  88   8 Weapon Parts
15 Tungsten Bars
20 Ball Bearing
15 Wiring


 *Currently uncraftable in-game due to unimplemented materials or workspaces. Some may be found through various packs/crates or throughout the game. 

Of course, some items can’t be crafted in Last Day on Earth: Survival no matter how advanced your character is and must be found in the crates, bags, and corpses (hostile and otherwise) found out in the world — or purchased through the Trader.

While most of these spawn in a grab-bag, RNG-confetti style all over the map, one weapon specifically has a zeroed in “spawn location” — that is, it will appear in the same location in a new game every time

The bad news is, it’s only a guaranteed drop on your first trip through the spawn location. The good news is, it’s a lot better than a wood plank with a couple nails through it:

Weapon Loot Location
 Minigun   Banker Alfa — Basement, Floor 1
  Guaranteed drop on first run only

Of course, you can always add a little more firepower to your arsenal by picking up one of the many in-game packs available for purchase (some containing valuable, currently uncraftable firearms) but with the lists above and some smart use of the free Minigun the game hands you, you can easily grind horde after horde without dropping a dime. 

All it’s gonna take you is 18 Tungsten bars and 4 Weapon Parts…

That’s a wrap for this guide! If you need more help with the staying alive in this mobile game, be sure to check out the rest of our Last Day on Earth guides for other tips and tricks to help you get ahead:

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