Find out which LawBreakers class is right for you in by checking out videos and ability information in this guide!

LawBreakers: Guide to All Classes and Abilities

Find out which LawBreakers class is right for you in by checking out videos and ability information in this guide!

LawBreakers is a frenetic, fast-paced arena shooter that a lot of people have really been looking forward to. The MOSA genre was really blown wide open with Overwatch, and since then it seems like objective-based shooters have been all the rave.

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As a class-based game of this type, LawBreakers requires a lot of high-level mechanics and game knowledge if you plan to play it at a competitive level. From dashing assassins to massive tanks, there’s probably a class in LawBreakers that’ll fit your personality and play style. And in this guide, I’m going to introduce you to all of the classes available in the game as of right now and what you can do with them.


Assassins are a quick and mobile class that specializes in traversing each map by using Arc Blades’ alternate fire mode and maintaining their momentum. Assassin is one of the most aggressive classes in the game — allowing you to steal life from enemies to tank hits while you rip through them.

Below is a list of Assassin’s weapons and abilities.

Ability Description
Arc Blades A pair of machetes capable of dealing high damage and stealing life with each hit.
Romerus An energy shotgun. Alternate fire shoots a charged shot.
Dash A strafe ability on a low cooldown.
Flux Grenade A quick-fire grenade that disperses enemies and projectiles.
Frenzy Activates a temporary state where all enemies are revealed. Grants increased damage and lifesteal.


Battle Medic

The Battle Medic is a true support class that plays best in Uplink and Overcharge. Controlling areas of the map is the specialty of this class. Sticking to one area and around your teammates is a great way to play, as deploying your Support Drones is most effective in a crowd of allies. Hover over the map to gauge where the action is happening, drop grenades on enemies, and use your Ultimate to lock down areas around objectives.

Below is a list of Battle Medic’s weapons and abilities.

Ability Description
Lobber A grenade launcher that fires impact grenades. Alternate fire shoots bouncing grenades
Firefly An energy pistol with devastating burst power.
Hoverpack Allows you to hover around the map or fly to the top of the map with the use of the Hoverpack’s thrusters.
Support Drones Deploys two drones to gradually heal two teammates at once.
Defense Grid Spawns a large dome-shaped shield that heals teammates and protects them from incoming fire while also pushing away any enemies.



Enforcer plays like the most vanilla class in the game, offering a well-rounded assortment of offensive and defensive options. The Enforcer’s dash allows you to get around quickly and buff your teammates along the way. Your Ultimate ability is one of the strongest offensive weapons in the game, and saving it for an area where there’s a crowd of enemies can be key in winning for your team.

Below is a list of Enforcer’s weapons and abilities.

Ability Description
Aerator An assault rifle capable of doing mass amounts of damage.
Badger A sidearm that fires a small burst of electricity. Best used at close ranges.
Distortion Field Increases movement speed, rate of fire, and reload speeds for any teammates caught in the cone of effect.
Electromag Charge An EMP grenade that temporarily prevents enemies from activating their abilities.
Bloodhound Launcher Readies a salvo of missiles that home towards targets.



Gunslinger is the duelist of LawBreakers. Using your Warp ability in short-ranged situations will allow you to duel anyone, and mastering this ability is imperative to playing the class optimally. Alpha and Omega combine to give this class some of the highest DPS in the game, but it’s all single-target. As Gunslinger, you want to find yourself in skirmishes. Pick off players on the side in quick scraps and avoid crowded teamfights.

Below is a list of Gunslinger’s weapons and abilities.

Ability Description
Alpha A three-shot burst handgun that 3D prints its own ammo. Can be fired at the same time as Gunslinger’s secondary.
Omega A hand cannon that deals high damage. Can be charged to deal bonus damage with no drop-off.
Warp A short-distance teleport that’s perfect for moving around in duel situations
Tac-Knife Deals damage upon a direct hit and reveals any enemies near its impact.
Equalizer Unleashes a barrage of bullets from both weapons.



Harrier is a hybrid support and sniper class. Being accurate with Shoc-Croc will not only raise your DPS, but that of your team as well. As Harrier, you’ll always want to be near the action. Harrier has an overall low DPS, but synergizing properly with your team will raise the overall DPS of your team to ridiculous levels. Hitting your Ultimate is a real game-changer, as this ability does pack a serious punch in crowded areas.

Below is a list of Harrier’s weapons and abilities.

Ability Description
Shoc-Croc A long-range beam rifle that can deal constant damage. Alternate fire will tag enemies which Harrier and teammates will then deal more damage to.
Raycasters Propulsion boots that allow movement in any direction while dealing damage to anyone caught in their blast radius.
Supercharger Deployable health and fuel station that allows nearby teammates to recharge.
Convergence Channels all of Harrier’s laser capacity into one beam that deals massive damage.



As the name might suggest, the Juggernaut is one of the more defensive classes. Juggernaut’s lack of dashes and movement abilities is offset by high-impact, close-quarter weapons that can obliterate a team. Soak up damage and throw down your Holo-Deflector to single-handedly disrupt the offense of an entire enemy team. Tight spaces are Juggernaut’s best friend — and if you ever get your hands on a nimble enemy (like an Assassin) then you’re capable of one-shotting them.

Below is a list of Juggernaut’s weapons and abilities.

Ability Description
Instigator A pump-action shotgun that deals a high damage. Best used at medium ranges.
Impale Swings Instigator’s blade at an enemy to deal a huge chunk of damage.
Charge A sprint that allows you to jump into the air. Hitting Charge while in the air will slam you back down and deal damage to all enemies in your way.
Holo-Deflector Places a temporary wall that can’t be traversed and deflects all damage.
Armor Protocol Extra armor that raises your protection and rate of fire.



Titans are extremely slow and seriously beefy. Soaking up damage and popping off with high-damage lightning attacks is their specialty. Lob your Neutron Mine into crowded areas and fire away with your rocket launcher to wreak havoc on the enemy team. Titan wants to get down and dirty, running into crowded rooms and firing off rockets. Out in the open, Titan gets dealt with easily by the faster classes in the game.

Below is a list of Titan’s weapons and abilities.

Ability Description
Hammerhead Launcher A rocket launcher that deals both splash and direct damage. Alternate fire will allow you to detonate the rockets in air.
Crisper A lightning gun that deals damage to multiple enemies at once with a chain effect.
Pulverize A charged leap that deals electrical and impact damage.
Neutron Mine A proximity mine to help keep enemies in place to line up shots from your rocket launcher.
Berserk Shoots lightning from your hands that deal more damage than Crisper while buffing your health.



Vanguard specializes in flying around the map, rushing enemies, controlling open areas, and swarming objectives. The Hydra is a perfect weapon for a constantly-moving class like this because you can aim more accurately the longer you hold your fire. Vanguard also does extremely well at in-air combat with abilities like Meteor Shells, which don’t require precise aim. Your Ultimate is great at causing a disruption in busy areas and knocking enemies into the air, where you can pick them off using your other abilities.

Below is a list of Vanguard’s weapons and abilities.

Ability Description
Hydra A gatling gun that gets more accurate the longer you fire.
Pulsar A quick-fire palm thrust that displaces enemies and deals a heavy amount of damage.
Afterburners Activates two shoulder-mounted jets that allow you to fly around the map for a short duration.
Meteor Shells A cluster of five grenades that are effective against flying enemies and in very tight spaces.
Starfall Launches you into the sky, highlighting targets for you to aim at, then fires you in your chosen direction to deal damage by a ground-pound attack.



The Wraith may be the class with the highest skill cap in the game. Wraith plays like a mix of the Assassin and Gunslinger classes. It’s extremely quick and deals high burst DPS from close range — and even a respectable amount from longer ranges. Its passive abilities allow Wraith to jump between the walls of the map, allowing you to be a deadly nuisance in air combat. In the hands of a competent player, Wraith can hop through the map to rack up killstreaks and steal objectives.

Below is a list of Wraith’s weapons and abilities.

Ability Description
Spektor A fully-automatic machine pistol.
Wasp A short sword that allows Wraith to dash forward with each attack.
Slide Moving forward, it’s a devastating slide kick. Moving backward, it’s a dodge maneuver.
Stinger A blade that you can fire at a wall and then shoot when an enemy runs past it to cause it to explode.
Chrono Switch Allows you to shoot a beam of energy that slows down any enemies caught in its path.


I hope this guide helps you select a class that’s right for you. LawBreakers is a lot different from your typical arena shooter, and finding a class that you can enjoy could be the difference between playing it for months to come and putting it down far too soon. For more info on the game, check out the rest of our LawBreakers guides and the articles below:

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