League of Legends – Going into Lane and Threat

Shoduran talks about threat range, mechanics, pushing in this episode of Paving the Path to Pro.
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Draft mode is an interesting game setting to play in League of Legends. Through it, you know your match-up and can prepare for it accordingly by picking a champion to counter another, resetting your masteries and runes to better take charge or survive, or change a strategy or route in the first few minutes of the game.

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In this game I am sharing, I was counter-picked by the opposing Riven. I am playing Vladimir, a champion with a very poor early game in the laning phase. It is not the worst early game in comparison with very many other champions, but against a Riven who has one of the greatest early games with very powerful snowballing — a ramping in power as levels and gear is attained against an already behind or defeated opponent –, Vladimir has to play very cautiously.

Dealing with the Lane, Studying the Lane

Watch carefully and listening carefully

There is a flow a player needs to learn in accordance to the abilities of the champion they use as well as the champions around them. The video cuts in the end, but here is the second part to fill in what exactly my friend and jungler the Zac is doing as well as the reasons why.

Resting Cases

Experience, and good and knowledgeable experience, comes with time, patience, and playing the game. Analyze and study your opponent’s quirks, read into the champion, and know their abilities. This is just another case by case basis, but it shows that knowing your match-up and knowing what you can take and dish out will ultimately help you play the game and win.

“A League of Legends with a unified player base could be the best online game in the world. And it would deserve to be.”

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