League of Legends – Mechanics and Tips In and Out the Game

Shoduran talks about Timers and a source that can offer a little help.

Shoduran talks about Timers and a source that can offer a little help.

In this article, I will be detailing some of the finer thought processes when it comes to Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends. This includes buff and objective timers and timed pushing.

Time to Get Buffed

The two “Buffs” which are primary objectives on the map Summoner’s Rift are the Ancient Golem (Blue) and the Lizard Elder (Red). These two objectives spawn on the map at 1 minute and 55 seconds, and when slain, they grant a passive ability to the slayer. As noted, “Blue” buff grants 20% cool-down reduction on a champion’s abilities and drastically increased mana or energy regeneration, and “Red” buff applies a burn-like effect on the champion’s basic attacks which slows and deals damage. Also, both the Ancient Golem and the Lizard Elder respawn in 5 minutes after being slain.

Now, there is the Dragon and Baron Nashor. The Dragon grants 190 gold to every member of the team that slays it. It spawns as soon as minions do, and when slain, it respawns in 6 minutes. Baron Nashor is essentially the raid boss on Summoner’s Rift and offers a greater value of 300 gold for every member of the team that slays it. In bonus, every member also receives a passive buff that increases their health and mana or energy regeneration and additional attack damage and ability power. It’s really something.

Timing is Everything

This is basic knowledge that many players already claim to know, but what I am going to do is offer you simple procedures which will help you to remember their spawn times and seize them when they respawn.

  1. Make a note in chat. Even if the Dragon or Baron Nashor is slain and it shows in chat whether blue or purple side slayed it, posting the relevant time it will respawn helps to keep the memory fresh and makes a physical note for your teammates.
  2. This is especially important for the Ancient Golem and Lizard Elder buffs since they do not leave a post when slain in the group chat. Look at the time when the buff is taken, add the spawn time, and post it in chat.
  3. When your jungler gains a buff, it is generally the exact same time the enemy jungler gains that buff too. This is information that coordinated teams can use to invade and seize an enemy buff.
  4. Just like you do when you bring a ward to lane, keep a ward when checking a crucial buff or objective on either side of the map. Wandering blindly in while attempting to steal it can get you killed and lose the buff in the process.
It’s Like Bang the Drum, But the Drum is a Minion

Minions begin spawning at 1 minute and 30 seconds, and once spawned, they travel in line down the three lanes. It takes the minions 25 seconds from each nexus to meet in lane, and every 30 seconds, another wave is spawned and heads into the lanes. Every three waves, there is an extra siege minion which has more health and deals more damage.

Knowing these times and when a siege minion will be coming can aid you. It can provide optimum moments between returning to base as a minion wave is approaching your tower and when you can push an opposing tower with a siege minion. As the laning phase wears on and you trade with your opponent, you can run short on health, mana, or potions, and watching your oncoming minions can give you a moment to hurry to base before your opponent can cause too much damage to your tower.

Getting a rhythm with the flow of the waves is a mechanic always good to have, as miniscule seconds can determine when your enemy team pushes in on you.

Read it, Reddit

A small step one can make to learn something new is to visit a League of Legends Reddit. Ideas and discoveries bristle and explore from social media outlets, and if you can be among the first to make use of the discovery before a possible ban hammer or hot-fix removes or balances out this facet of the game, then you can consider it a free win.

Last Words

This is still a game in which a player will require practice and time to excel. It is a process that is only as long and arduous as you make it as long as you pay attention to the map and your vision, follow and read the actions of the players, and itemize against the opposing team.

“A League of Legends with a unified player base could be the best online game in the world. And it would deserve to be.”

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