Legend of Mana Technique Unlock Guide

How to unlock every technique for all 11 weapon types in Legend of Mana.

How to unlock every technique for all 11 weapon types in Legend of Mana.

Being that Legend of Mana has a relatively simple battle system, you’re going to want to learn special techniques as quickly as possible to keep things engaging throughout your travels.

In Legend of Mana, techniques are learned by using their paired weapon as well as using the required abilities to unlock the technique. This may sound a little convoluted, but the system is deceptively simple in its implementation. Once you know how it works and do things right, you’re set.

If you’re not sure how to unlock all the abilities, take a look at our Legend of Mana ability unlock guide first.

How to Unlock Techniques in Legend of Mana

There are 11 weapon types to try your hand at in Legend of Mana, and these are aided by 26 different abilities. You can see which ones you have of both in the Skill menu.

Legend of Mana abilities menu highlighting the Mighty Javelin technique.

Each weapon type has a list of special techniques it can learn, some of them up to 20 techniques. Though you can only have four equipped at a time.

To learn a technique, first you must learn its requisite abilities. Then you must have the requisite abilities equipped in battle, and you need to do the same for the weapon.

There are hidden values for each ability and weapon type that accumulate when you win battles. Once these values reach a threshold, you will learn a special technique after combat.

Note that neither your weapon nor your abilities must be equipped at the same time to learn a technique.

An example of this in action:

  1. You can use Jump with a Knife equipped to learn Rising Eagle, because the values for both Jump and Knife rise as you win battles. Your Jump value has risen regardless of weapon, and your Knife value has risen regardless of abilities.
  2.  If you like, you can then switch to using a Sword and win a battle to learn Cutting Bamboo without Jump equipped. This is because your Jump value has already been raised, and now you have met the requisite hidden value for Swords.

This is the case for higher tier techniques as well.

With that all out of the way, let’s take a look at which techniques each weapon type can learn and which abilities you need to use to unlock them.

Legend of Mana Knife Techniques

Technique Req. Abilities
Rising Eagle Jump
Admonition Lunge
Vapor Blade Somersault
Sonic Wave Back-roll
Vortex of Death Somersault
Eclipse Back-flip
Rising Dragon High-jump
Crescent Moon Moonsault
 Back Slasher Whirl, Lunge
 Backstab Slide, Double-jump
Cobra Fang Push, Retreat
Puppet Retreat, Cheer
Ninja Drop Grapple, Push
Pouncing Cat Somersault, Back-roll
Dance of Roses Evade, Defensive Lunge, High-jump
Looking Glass Taunt, Bash, Whirl
Reaping the Mist Lunge, Back-roll, Back-flip
Dark Assassins Spin, Crouch, Evade
Aerial Reaver High-jump, Crouch, Flip-kick, Spin
Phoenix Evade, Cheer, Double-jump, Defensive Lunge


Legend of Mana Sword Techniques

Technique Req. Abilities
Maelstrom Spin
Cutting Bamboo Jump
Iai Strike Lunge
Triple Tiger Somersault
 Rising Sun Crouch
Cutting Pine High Jump
Corkscrew Back-flip
Bird of Prey Moonsault
Blade Launcher Back-roll
Clean Sweep Retreat, Slide
Cross Strike Lunge, High-jump
Dragon’s Tail Back-flip, tackle
Tiger Claw Back-roll, Somersault
Motion of Truth Bash, Tackle, Moonsault
Orbiting Blades Spin, Defensive Lunge
Invisible Death Lunge, Retreat, Grapple
Dynamite X Cheer, Jump, Crouch
Smashing Blade Push, Whirl, Somersault
Terminal Velocity Back-flip, Whirl, Lunge, Spin
Golden Dragon Crouch, Toss, Evade, High-jump


Legend of Mana Axe Techniques

Technique Req. Abilities
Deep Slice Lunge
Tornado Spin
Axe Bomb Jump
Bird of Prey Moonsault
Retribution Back-roll
Electronic Yo-yo Somersault
Salmon Upstream Back-flip
Cutting Pine High-jump
Rising Sun Crouch
Black Wings Bash, Toss
Axe Bomber Bash, Evade
Cross Strike Lunge, High-jump
Orbiting Blades Spin, Defensive Lunge
Boulder Back-flip, Dash, Tackle
True Strike Whirl, Somersault, Moonsault
Time Burst Push, Spin, Evade
Dynamite X Cheer, Jump, Crouch
Karma Cheer, Evade, Counterstrike, High-jump


Legend of Mana 2 Handed Sword Techniques

Technique Req. Abilities
Spiral Wave Somersault
Shish Kebob Back-roll
Impulse High-jump
Lunging Arc Lunge
Rising Crush Crouch
Shield Breaker Jump
Windwalker Moonsault
Windslasher Spin
Marble Stream Lunge, Evade
Rain of Blood Toss, Double-jump
Splashblade Back-roll, Back-flip
Skullsplitter Jump, Whirl
Bring It On Taunt, Retreat
Quakebringer Crouch, Cheer, Moonsault
Triple Offense Somersault, Evade, High-jump
Deep Swing Crouch, Counterstrike, Defend, Counterattack
 Beautiful Three Lunge, Tackle, Back-flip
Raging Pain Jump, Taunt, Evade, Flip-kick


Legend of Mana 2 Handed Axe Techniques

Technique Req. Abilities
Rolling Throw Somersault
Sideswipe Lunge
Rising Claw Jump
Blurred Axe Back-flip
Spiral Wave Somersault
Impulse High-jump
Flying Sawblades Spin
Rising Crush Crouch
Snowfall Spin, Toss
Divine Right Push, Back-roll
Spinning Hawk Back-flip, Flip-kick
Splashblade Back-roll, Back-flip
Tidal Wave Evade, Defensive Lunge
 Spikestrike Slide, Whirl, Moonsault
Angelic Lumberjack Spin, Retreat, Tackle, High-jump
Buzzsaw of Doom Lunge, Somersault, Double-jump
 Sparkling Rampage Tackle, Spin, Retreat, High-jump


Legend of Mana Hammer Techniques

Technique Req. Abilities
Blammo Spin
Big Bang Jump
Super Slugger Lunge
Mole-hunting Somersault
Windwalker Moonsault
Rising Crush Crouch
Retribution Back-roll
Ground Zero High-jump
Double Impact Somersault, Moonsault
Blazing Hammer Tackle, Retreat
Thor’s Hammer High-jump, Toss
Skullsplitter Jump, Whirl
Tidal Wave Defensive Lunge, Evade
Ultra Slugger Lunge, Retreat, Toss
Volcano Jump, Cheer, Crouch
Intervention Spin, Somersault, Double-jump
Pearly Gates Toss, Spin, Retreat, Lunge


Rabite and party members fighting Jajara in a cave.

Legend of Mana Spear Techniques

Technique Req. Abilities
Mighty Javelin Jump
Lancer Lunge
Twister Spin
Dragon’s Bite Somersault
Nebulous Saucer Moonsault
Furious Copter High-jump
Rewind Back-roll, Moonsault
Lancenator Tackle, Crouch
Cyclone Racer Lunge, Spin
Fool’s Play Evade, Toss
Holy Light High-jump, Somersault
Triple Supremacy Spin, Crouch, Lunge
Chrome Ray Back-roll, Defensive Lunge, Grapple
Deadly Branding Taunt, Bash, Slide
Lo and Behold Crouch, Spin, Double-jump, Moonsault
Raging Fury Evade, Tackle, Lunge
Blue Dragon Retreat, Evade, Spin, Defensive Lunge


Legend of Mana Staff Techniques

Technique Req. Abilities
Gust Lunge
Paint it Black Jump
Golden Pyres Crouch
Aftershock Spin
Blaze Moonsault
Bubbles High-jump
Halo Evade
Flower of Gold Retreat, Evade
Purgatory Cheer, Tackle
Fire and Ice Back-flip, Somersault
Gates of the Fall Spin, Moonsault
Song of the Spirits Evade, Taunt, Spin


Legend of Mana Glove Techniques

Technique Req. Abilities
Whirlwind Kick Spin
Rolling Slam Somersault
Bloody Knuckles Lunge
Lightning Kick Jump
Jawbreaker Crouch
Flip-thrust Back-roll
Moonsault Stomp Moonsault
Giant Swing Spin, Grapple
Tiger Driver 91 Grapple, Crouch
Mental Barrier Counterattack, Counterstrike
Northern Lights Jump, Grapple
Cough Drop Bash, Grapple, High-jump
Sparkly Feet Evade, Double-jump, Toss
Flips of Thunder Back-roll, Back-flip, Back-kick
FistoftheNorseStar Evade, Lunge, Grapple
Power Combo Lunge, Bash, Retreat, Grapple
Gravity Drop Toss, Crouch, Grapple, High-jump
Earthquake Crouch, Back-roll, Back-flip, Moonsault


Legend of Mana Flail Techniques

Technique Req. Abilities
Setting Sun Jump
Dragon Teeth Lunge
Chinsplitter Crouch
Drunken Monkey Somersault
Phoenix Wings Spin
Twilight High-jump
Psyclone Moonsault
Back Slasher Lunge, Whirl
 Enter the Tiger Slide, Retreat
 Avalanche Back-flip, Crouch
Double Dragon Evade, Moonsault
Puppet Cheer, Retreat
 Demon’s Howl Lunge, High-jump, Flip-kick
 Extreme Conditions Evade, Tackle, Double-jump
Challenger Tackle, Taunt, Counterattack
Looking Glass Bash, Taunt, Whirl
Malevolence Jump, Crouch, Evade, High-jump
White Tiger Evade, Spin, Grapple, Defensive Lunge


Legend of Mana Bow Techniques

Technique Req. Abilities
Trueshot Lunge
Forward Artillery Jump
Spinshot Spin
Tri-shot High-jump
Needle Shower Back-roll
Trickshot Moonsault
Hypershot Toss
Backshot Bash
Change-up Retreat
Sureshot Back-flip, Flip-kick
Rain of Death Spin, High-jump
Flying Swallows Tackle, Double-jump
Carpet Bomber Evade, High-jump
Mastershot Spin, Whirl, Back-flip
Wildshot Back-roll, Double-jump, Grapple
Main Gun Lunge, Evade, Retreat, Counterattack


The special technique system is probably one of the less confusing parts of Legend of Mana. Don’t worry about memorizing every ability you need right away, first focus on unlocking abilities and keep some key ones in mind that you’ll want to use regularly for a while. Enjoy the game, and look for more Legend of Mana guides here on GameSkinny.

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