Lethal Company Arachnophobia Mode Explained: How to Get Rid of Spiders

Can you turn off spiders with an arachnophobia mode in Lethal Company?

arachnophobia mode in effect in lethal company
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Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears in the world. And a handful of games — perhaps most famously, Grounded — have started including options that squash the creepy crawlers for those afraid of them. Here’s how to turn it on in Lethal Company and get rid of spiders.

How to Turn on Arachnophobia Mode in Lethal Company and Remove Spiders

If you’re afraid of spiders, spoilers: they’re in Lethal Company. While becoming a great asset by exploring creepy moons, surviving all kinds of monsters, and dancing your butt off with your besties is a grand time for many players, it can be literally horrifying for others. Why? Two words: bunker spiders.

With these monsters skittering around the game, an arachnophobia mode could see plenty of use in LC. Luckily, the game has an arachnophobia mode as of the latest December 2023 update.

arachnophobia mode in the settings menu of lethal company
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You can turn on arachnophobia mode in Lethal Company by following these steps:

  • Tap Escape (ESC) to open the Main Menu.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Under Display, you’ll find the Accessibility section.
  • Check the Arachnophobia Mode box.
  • Click on “Confirm changes.”

How Does Arachnophobia Mode Work?

Simply! All spider models in the game will now be replaced with a hilarious placeholder textbox that says, well, “Spider.” I love how cheeky developer Zeekers is being with this, turning something that can be horrifying into something we can all laugh at. Ace work!

lethal company arachnophobia mode turning spiders into text
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How to Download the Lethal Company Arachnophobia Mod

There’s also an Arachnophobia Mod available for Lethal Company, and we wanted to give a shoutout to Odie, a kind modder responsible for safeguarding the arachnophobic among us before Zeekers officially released the mode. Odie’s aptly named “F CKSpiders” mod eliminates bunker spiders from the game and removes any traces of them.

You can download it and add it to the Lethal Company game files or follow our useful guide on how to use the Thunderstore mod manager. You’ll need the BepInEx pack to use this mod, so be sure to download that from the same page to use “F CKSpiders.”

Shoutout aside, now you know that Lethal Company has an official arachnophobia mode. For more LC content, check out our dedicated guides hub for guides like how to disable turrets and landmines or our list of all Scrap.

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