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Lies of P: Best Items to Use Listed

Having trouble with Lies of P? Here are some items to help you out.

Lies of P can be difficult, sometimes bordering on unforgiving. Thankfully, the game gives you plenty of helpful items that can make things easier. There are multiple throwables and useables that you can find or buy throughout the City of Krat. Some of these deal damage and others can even cure status ailments. As such, you’ll want to be on the lookout for them — or know what they do and how they’re used when you pick them up. Here, we’ll be going over the best items to use in Lies of P

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Best Items to Use in Lies of P Listed

Throwing Cell

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  • Motivity: D
  • Technique: D
  • Advance: C

Throwing Cells are tossable objects that deal Electric Blitz damage when thrown at an enemy. Puppets are weak to electric attacks, so this can be used in almost any situation, with its ubiquity making it one of the best items to use in Lies of P. Throwing Cells are most practical during puppet boss fights to deal a good amount of damage at reasonable distance. Just time things right!  


  • Motivity: D
  • Technique: D
  • Advance: C

Like the Throwing Cell, Thermite is another ranged choice good for keeping enemies at bay or damaging bosses at distance. However, unlike TCs, it deals fire damage to all surrounding enemies. This is a great alternative for those enemies that aren’t puppets. Thermite will also deal some damage over time, which is an added bonus.

Saw Blade

  • Motivity: C
  • Technique: C
  • Advance: N/A

The Saw Blade is another throwing object but only targets an enemy once it’s thrown, spinning and cutting into a foe for a few seconds while dealing continuous slash damage. The saw blade is a good all-around choice, making this list of the best items in Lies of P because it can be used against any enemy to good effect. In fact, it’s a good choice for stronger enemies and even minibosses.  

Cluster Grenade 

  • Motivity: C
  • Technique: C
  • Advance: N/A

The Cluster Grenade is exactly what it sounds like: another throwable object that explodes and deals damage to all surrounding enemies by way of its cluster munitions. This is the perfect item for when you’re surrounded by a large group of enemies or have a bigger group coming your direction. At the very least, it will give you a headstart in the damage department.

Electric Blitz Abrasive 

The Electric Blitz Abrasive imbues your weapon with electric damage, and since puppets are very weak to electricity, this is a fantastic item to use. It will let you deal massive amounts of damage to puppets and is perfect for boss fights, especially if your physical attack stat is on the lower end. I found this extremely useful in the early parts of the game — and it didn’t let me down in the end-game, either. 

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Attribute Purification Ampoule

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The Attribute Purification Ampoule is a consumable item that removes attribute status ailments. The further you explore the City of Krat, you’ll run into various status effects, such as Overheat, Electric Shock, Decay, and Corruption, which can all be a huge inconvenience during fights. Having a few Attribute Purification Ampoules on you will always be helpful. 

Star Fragment

The Star Fragment is one of the most best items to use in Lies of P when it comes to boss fights. Star Fragments are used to summon a Specter, which can make these battles easier. Specters can deal a good amount of damage before their health is depleted, and they can also distract the boss, giving you time to heal or even sneak around and attack it from behind safely. If you’re having a hard time with a boss, Star fragments can be an invaluable asset.

Those are some of the best items to use in Lies of P. For more tips and tricks, make sure to check out our LoP guides hub.

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