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Lies of P: Can You Save Sophia?

Is there a way to rescue Sophia from her fate in Lies of P?

There are a few twists as you follow the campaign in Lies of P. One of these involves Sophia, the lady who’s been your guide for most of your adventures, given that you need to talk to her whenever you want to level up. Later, though, you need to make a crucial decision. Our guide discusses if you can save Sophia in Lies of P. Spoilers follow.

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Can You Save Sophia in Lies of P?

As of the time of this writing, I’m unable to confirm if it’s possible to save Sophia in Lies of P. Here’s a quick summary of what transpires near the end of the campaign:

  • After defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood for the second time, you’ll gain access to a submarine that takes you to the Black Seaside.
  • There, you’ll meet Sophia once more. She’ll no longer be in Hotel Krat, and level ups are done directly via Stargazer.
  • Sophia says that she’s just a projection, and the real her is trapped in the Arche Abbey tower. She also divulges that she’s the daughter of Valentinus, the right-hand man of Simon Manus, the game’s primary antagonist.
  • Continue onward until you beat Laxasia the Complete in what I consider as a hellaciously tough boss battle.
  • In the room beyond that, you’ll see the real Sophia, almost lifeless and in need of help. You’re presented with two options.

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Should You Let Sophia Live or Give Her Peace?

This is a pivotal moment concerning the Lies of P save Sophia dilemma. I was able to check out both outcomes since I had a backup save, and these were the results:

  • “Give Her Peace” – A cutscene will play where P claims Sophia’s remaining spirit. You’ll receive the Entreat emote, and the Shadow Flower record will also be left behind.
  • “Let Her Live” – There’s no cutscene here, but you do receive the Entreat emote. Likewise, Gemini remarks that there might be another way to save Sophia. Curiously enough, when I left the room, Gemini said that he can’t feel Sophia’s presence anymore and that she’s gone. I genuinely felt that this was a throwaway line that was really confusing.
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Then again, there were other instances and clues involving Sophia. For instance, after defeating Simon Manus, he asks you about what you did to Sophia: “I gave her peace” or “I liberated her from Arche Abbey.”

Moreover, in her room, there’s a helmet that says that her “true power was the ability to move time.” A nearby display also has several butterflies, but I can’t tell if this means killing all spectral butterflies that you stumble upon in the campaign. Perhaps it might also be tied to a New Game Plus run.

That’s everything we know about whether or not you can save Sophia in Lies of P. We’ll update our guide accordingly in case we discover other secrets, so stay tuned. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our LoP guides hub.

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