Lies of P: How to Play a Perfect Piano Tune

Get the Pianist of Krat achievement by playing the perfect tune in Lies of P!

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The Pianist of Krat is an achievement in Lies of P that requires you to know how to play a perfect piano tune. Finding the piano is the easy part, but interacting with it at first will result in playing the beginning of a song and ending that section on a wrong note. How do you play a perfect piano tune in Lies of P when you start with just a portion of a song?

How to Play a Perfect Piano Tune in Lies of P

The requirements for playing a perfect tune mean that The Pianist of Krat achievement will be one of your final tasks in your playthrough.

Where to Find the Piano

You’ll find the piano on the ground floor of Hotel Krat in the same room as Antonia. To play it, you just need to stand close to it and select Investigate. You can do this as many times as you want, but the result won’t change. You also won’t find any clues nearby to piece together how to play a full song. Instead, you’ll have to head back to the streets and continue fighting puppets.

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Playing the Perfect Tune

As you continue through the game, you’ll have a final decision to give Geppetto a heart. After agreeing to give it to him, you’ll get the Real Boy ending. You can grab The Story of One Father achievement here as well if you take the letter from Geppetto’s desk. Then, instead of going into New Game+, head to the ground level of Hotel Krat and interact with the piano again. This time, you’ll be rewarded with The Pianist of Krat achievement.

That’s all there is to know for how to play a perfect piano tune in Lies of P. While the actual task for the achievement is simple enough, it takes a lot of work since you need to wait until the end of the game. For more content, check our LoP guides hub for topics like can you save Sophia and the best Wishstones to use.

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