Lies of P: How to Beat Laxasia the Complete

This zealot will electrify you in Lies of P. Here's how to beat Laxasia.

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Lies of P has several bosses that present unique challenges. Few, however, can compare to Laxasia the Complete. This warden, a creation of Simon Manus, bars your path to the Arche Abbey tower. Here’s how to beat Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P.

How to Beat Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P

To beat Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P, you need to take care when defending against ridiculously long combos, as well as Electric Shock damage. I can genuinely say that this is the toughest boss in the game.

Before beginning the bout, I suggest getting gear pieces that offer resistance against electric damage and the Electric Shock debuff. As noted in our status effects guide, Electric Shock causes you to take higher damage against lightning-based attacks. Moreover, it will deplete your Fable Arts gauge, preventing you from using weapon skills.

I also advise equipping a faster weapon to match the boss’ speed. Although I opted to tackle the boss while wielding the Coil Mjolnir, this led to more headaches than necessary. Lastly, you might want to use a Specter summon, so your AI-controlled ally can tank the hits instead of you.

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Phase 1: Laxasia the Complete – Armored Zealot

The Lies of P Laxasia the Complete boss has the following abilities during the first phase:

  • Pinpoint Skewer – Points at your character, then lunges to skewer them, followed by tossing them down on the ground.
  • Angel Rush – Rushes straight at your character’s location, followed by a sweeping strike.
  • Overhead Thunderstrike – Smashes her claymore down on the ground and creates an electrified explosion.
  • Cascading Thunderstrike – Does a whirlwind move, then slams her claymore down on the ground, causing multiple bolts of electricity to travel outward in a frontal cone.
  • Swirling Thunderstrike – Swings her claymore and moves around, creating sparks that call down lightning strikes.
  • Rend and Maim – Does a multi-hit combo with the lance, ending with an unblockable strike or an even longer chain (around 10 swings).
  • Kick Slash – Kicks your character before slashing them. (Now, that’s just insulting.)

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Laxasia’s attacks are slower since she’s heavily armored, but they all need to be avoided or blocked. For instance, you’ll want to dodge sideways at the last second when she does Pinpoint Skewer. Multiple instances of this attack are done in succession, too, so be ready for her next attempt.

Next, you’ve got the Thunderstrike abilities, which all cause lightning damage at the end. These eruptions have different timings as well. For instance, Overhead Thunderstrike is almost instant, whereas Swirling Thunderstrike is delayed (after the boss stops moving around).

Still, the most annoying maneuver is Rend and Maim, since Laxasia can do up to 10 swings. It’s better to dodge these strikes or hold down the block button/Aegis Legion Arm at the end, since trying to perfectly deflect every hit will be impossible.

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Phase 2: Laxasia the Complete – Storm Goddess

Once you’ve depleted the boss’ HP, a cutscene will play. She’ll remove her armor, which leads to the second phase of the battle:

  • Thunder Orb – Floats in mid-air, then throws two electric orbs.
  • Diving Crash – Leaps into the air, then crashes down and causes electricity to emanate from the epicenter.
  • Stormcall – Floats in mid-air, then shoots up to six Thunder Orbs at your location. The last hit is a Diving Crash that’s unblockable. She’ll often start the second phase by casting this ability.
  • Lightning Blast – Imbues her weapon with electricity. The hits at the end of combo chains will cause either an Overhead Thunderstrike or a Cascading Thunderstrike.
  • Charged Footsteps – Zips around your character for quick strikes, while also proccing Swirling Thunderstrike periodically.

The second phase of the Lies of P Laxasia boss fight can be easier or harder depending on how well you can handle Stormcall. Multiple Thunder Orbs are flung at your location, followed by an unblockable Diving Crash. It’s better to block the first few orbs since the AoE explosion can still hit you if you mistime your dodge. However, the Diving Crash requires a Perfect Guard to negate damage.

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Laxasia the Complete Rewards

If you manage to beat the Lies of P Laxasia the Complete boss, then I congratulate you on your triumph. You’ll also receive the Sad Zealot’s Ergo, which can be exchanged for either of these two rewards:

  • Impregnable Fortress Amulet – Upon successfully guarding, your weapon’s durability is not depleted.
  • Uroboros’ Eye – A grinding wheel armament with Motivity C/Technique B scaling. Its skills allow you to throw it further away, as well as deal an extra hit.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P. After this, you’ll come across your old friend, Sophia. You might want to know if there’s a way to save Sophia at this stage of the game. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our LoP guides hub.

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