Lies of P: How to Find the Last Story of Geppetto

How to find Geppetto's last story in Lies of P for "The Story of One Father" achievement!

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Despite being one of the first characters you bring to Hotel Krat, Geppetto’s story can’t be completed until the end of the game. However, doing so will earn you the appropriately named “The Story of One Father” achievement, but the choices you make near the end of the game are important since this story is related to a specific ending. Here’s all you need to know for how to find the last story of Geppetto in Lies of P.

How to Find the Last Story of Geppetto in Lies of P

The last story of Geppetto has to be obtained from the Real Boy Ending, which is the easiest to see, but you might need an extra save before Geppetto’s final choice to get the achievement if you’re aiming for a different ending.

Exhaust Geppetto’s Dialogue

Geppetto is the creator of Pinocchio, whom he designed to look like his late son, Carlo. After saving him in Chapter 2, Geppetto will be at Hotel Krat. While his last story isn’t available until the end of the game, you’ll want to make sure that you exhaust his dialogue throughout the chapters.

Since you go to the hotel at the end of each chapter to transition to the next section, you can stop by his room and talk with him, making sure you select every option that has a diamond indicating you haven’t heard it yet.

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Agree to Give Geppetto Your Heart

Once you reach the end and Geppetto asks you to give him your heart, agree. Watch the ending scenes, but don’t go into New Game+ after them. Instead, go back to Geppetto’s room in Hotel Krat and grab the letter on his desk to get his last story and “The Story of One Father” achievement.

That’s all you need to know about how to find the last story of Geppetto in Lies of P. However, there are plenty of collectibles for you to hunt and other endings to see. For more content, check our LoP guide hub for topics like how to find the last story of Antonia and if you can save Sophia.

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