Lies of P: How to Find the Last Story of Antonia

Learn the last story of Antonia to get "The Story of the Refined Old Lady" in Lies of P!

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Antonia owns Hotel Krat, the last safe haven in the city where the NPCs you’ll interact with the most are staying and where you can level up your abilities with Sophia’s help. Antonia’s also suffering from Petrification Disease, which is an important part of her story. When learning how to find the last story of Antonia in Lies of P, you’ll need to complete her questline and keep speaking with her.

How to Find the Last Story of Antonia in Lies of P

Antonia’s final story for the achievement “The Story of the Refined Old Lady” can’t be grabbed until you’re close to the end of the game.

Go Through Antonia’s Dialogue

For the first half of the game, you’ll want to be going through Antonia’s dialogue when she has something new to say. You can check this every chapter. The end of each one sends you back to Hotel Krat to sort of wrap things up and lead into the next section. Also, if someone wants to speak with you, their picture will show up next to Hotel Krat when you’re using a Stargazer to teleport.

Cure Antonia

Once you reach the end of Chapter 7, talk to Polendina, Antonia’s puppet butler, who’s stationed at the hotel’s front desk. This starts a questline to make a cure for the Petrification Disease. At the end of the quest, you’ll have the option to give Antonia the cure or let her die. To get her last story, you need to give her the cure.

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Pick Up the Letter

After giving her the cure, the last part of this achievement happens in Chapter 11. You’ll talk to Polendina and ask how Antonia’s doing. Then, go to the room she’s been in and grab the letter by her wheelchair. This will earn you “The Story of the Refined Old Lady.”

That covers how to find the last story of Antonia in Lies of P, but there’s certainly more to explore in the game. From other achievements to increasingly difficult bosses in New Game+, you can keep exploring Krat and proving that you are the most superior puppet in the city. Be sure to check out our LoP guide hub for more topics like how to play a perfect piano tune and how to find the last story of Venigni.

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