Lies of P: How to Find the Last Story of Venigni

Learn about Venigni's life and earn The Story of the Prince achievement in Lies of P!

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Each character in this retelling of Pinocchio has a story to tell, and finding the last piece of these stories will earn you an achievement. As you progress, you’ll bring more characters to the Hotel Krat for safety, and you’ll want to start talking with them for this achievement set. Here’s how to find the last story of Venigni in Lies of P to achieve “The Story of the Prince.”

How to Find the Last Story of Venigni in Lies of P

Venigni went to stop the puppets from using his factory to build more puppets, and Geppetto asks you to find him after you clear Krat City Hall.

Earning the last story of Venigni begins in the factory section. As you head to rescue Venigni, you’ll start hearing a phone ring. Answer it, solve the riddle, and get the Trinity Keys as rewards. You’ll do this a total of five times, and the last key is The Chosen One’s Trinity Key.

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Riddle Answers

The answers to the riddles are as follows:

  • Krat City Hall Courtyard: Human.
  • Malum District: Candle.
  • Grand Exhibition Gallery: Egg.
  • Krat Central Station Street: Ergo.
  • Krat Central Station Street: Any answer.

Use the Chosen One’s Trinity Key

The Chosen One’s Trinity Key opens the Sanctum door located at the Arche Abbey Outer Wall. Inside, you’ll meet the person who’s been giving you riddles, and speaking with them will unlock “The Story of the Prince,” but only if you’ve been speaking with Venigni at Hotel Krat during the time between chapters. His portrait will appear next to the Hotel Krat Stargazer option if he has something to say.

Continually Speak with Venigni at Hotel Krat

Specifically, you need to hear about Venigni’s past, and that puppets killed his parents before learning the last part of his story from Trinity Keys to get the achievement. The set of achievements for the last stories make it worth interacting with the items you can, and speaking with each character to hear all the dialogue they have to offer.

It’s a long process, but that’s how to find the last story of Venigni in Lies of P. Like most Soulslike games, there are plenty of hidden secrets and difficult bosses to find, and we’re here to help you. Head to our LoP guide hub for topics like how to play a perfect piano tune and how to beat Laxasia the Complete.

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