Lightning Returns Guide: Canvas of Prayers (The Wildlands)

Here's the longest of the five Canvas of Prayers checklists The Wildlands.
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In this checklist, I’ll cover all The Wildlands specific Canvas of Prayers quests. These quests don’t give Eradia, just stat boosts, gil, and items. Before you can start Canvas of Prayers quests you must do the quest An Evil Savior.

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The Checklist:

Here is the checklist in table form. In the fist column I’ll have the name and a 1, 2, or 3 to mark the difficulty. Second Column is how to unlock the quest. Third column is the items needed to the quest. The fourth column is rewards: there will be an H, S, M, G, and I next to the specific Health, Strength, Magic, Gil, and Items rewarded.

Name/Difficulty Requirements Item Turn Ins Rewards
Sun Flower (1) Day 1 Dayring Blossom X3 (Grasslands 06:00-17:59) 10(H), 1(S), 250(G), Crimson Flower(I)
Moon Flower (1) Day 1 Moonsoul Bloom X5(Grasslands 18:00-05:59) 10(H), 1(M), 120(G), Blue Flower, Twilight Butterfly(I)
Forget Me Not (1) Day 1 Vibrant Ooze X8 (Miniflan 10(H), 1(M), 120(G), Sunny Butterfly, Twilight Butterfly(I)
Chocobo Chow (1) Day 1 Gysahl Greens X5 (Canopus Farms) 10(H), 2(S), 500(G), Gold Chocobo Figurine, Silver Chocobo Figurine(I)
Digging Mole (1) Day 1 Rocky Crag Mole X1 (Rocky Crag) Chocoborel X3 (Jagd Woods 06:00- 17:59) Luminous Mushroom X2 (Jagd Woods 18:00-05:59) 10(H), 2(S), 800(G), Youthful Parasol, Unicorn Mart Logo(I)
Moghan’s Plea (1) Peace And Quiet Kupo (side-quest) Arboreal Spore X10 (Dryad) 10(H), 1(S), 1(M), 300(G), Green NORA Symbol, Sky Blu NORA Symbol(I)
Moogle Gourmand (2) Peace And Quiet Kupo (side-quest) Mystical Meal (The Right Stuff, A Taste From The Past, or from Chef Aryas) 20(H), 1(S), 2(M), 850(G), Pink Rucksack, Afro&White Chick(I)
Emergency Treatment (2) Healing An Angel (story) Chocobull (Cardesia), Animal Potion (Tilda or from Dog, Doctor, and Assistant) 20(H), 2(S), 1(M), 1000(G), Afro&Black Chick, Afro&Purple Chick(I)
Fresh Fertilizer (1) Land of Our Forebears (side-quest) Goopy Goo X5 (Triffid) 10(H), 2(M), 200(G), Tropical Tree, Scholar’s Beard(I)
Secret of the Chocoborel (2) Day 3 Chocoborel X10 (Jagd Woods 06:00- 17:59) 20(H), 2(M), 600(G), Red Chocobo Figurine, Blue Chocobo Figurine(I)
Wildlands in Danger! (1) Day 3 Vegetable Seed X10 (Adventuring Essentials Merchant) 10(H), 1(M),  300(G), Flower Pattern, Frying Pan(I)
A Word of Thanks (1) Day 3 Wonder Gel X3 (Ectopudding) 10(H), 2(M), 240(G), Aqua Ribbon, Pink Ribbon(I)
For the Future (2) Day 3 AMP Chip (Aster Protoflorian) 20(H), 1(S), 1(M), 700(G), PSICOM Officer’s Epaulets, Mobile Guard’s Badge(I)
Hunter’s Challenge (2) Day 3 Green Monster Moss X2 (Chocobo Eater) 20(H), 2(S), 1(M), 600(G), Black Chocobo Figurine, Purple Chocobo Figurine(I)
Echoes of a Drum (1) Day 3 Green Leather X6 (Goblin) 10(H), 1(S),  189(G), Gadot’s Red Emblem, Seadog’s Beard(I)
A Voice from Below (1) Day 3 Monster Mince X10 (Vali) 10(H), 2(S), 200(G), Thrilling Party Hat, Love Struck Party Hat(I)
Two Together (1) Sun Flower, Moon Flower (Canvas) Day 3 Dayring Blossom X8 (Grasslands 06:00-17:59), Moonsoul Blossom X6 (Grasslands 18:00-05:59) 10(H), 2(M), 750(G), White Flower, Pink Flower(I)
Dumpling Cook-off (2) Echoes of a Drum, and A Voice From Below (Canvas) Monster Mince X15 (Vali) Green Leather X15 (Goblin) 20(H), 2(S), 1(M), 600(G), Sivered Insignia, Bronze Medal(I)
A Secret Wish (2) Forget Me Not, A Word of Thanks (Canvas) Vibrant Ooze X20 (Miniflan) Wonder Gel X10 (Ectopudding) 20(H), 2(S), 1(M),  700(G), Summery Parasol, Pink Tattoo(I)
Sylkis Secrets (1) Chocobo Chow (Canvas) Day 3 Gysahl Greens X3 (Canopus Farms) Tantal Greens X2 (Canopus Farms) Sylkis Greens X1 (Canopus Farms) 10(H), 2(M), 900(G), Dusk Feather Pin, Dragon Hide Backpack(I)
Hunting the Hunter (3) Hunter’s Challenge (Canvas) Green Monster Moss X8 (Chocobo Eater) 30(H), 4(S), 2(M), 1,300(G), Red Chocobo Chick, Blue Chocobo Chick(I)
Gatekeeper’s Curiosity (1) Day 5 Slug Sweet X12 (Rafflesia) 10(H), 1(S), 120(G), Medic Guard’s Badge(I)
What’s in a Brew (3) Fresh Fertilizer, Moghan’s Plea, Gatekeeper’s Curiosity (Canvas) Arboreal Spore X10 (Dryad) Goopy Goo X20 (Triffid) Slug Sweet X50 (Rafflesia) 30(H), 3(S), 5(M),  1,500(G), Purple Chocobo Chick, Black Chocobo Chick, Ether(I)
Brain Over Brawn (2) Day 7 Sinister Fang (Reaver) 20(H), 3(S), 650(G), Shogun’s Mustache, Politician’s Beard(I)
A Prayer to a Goddess (3) For The Future, Brain Over Brawn (Canvas) Sinister Fang X5 (Reaver) AMP Chip X5 (Aster Protoflorian) 30(H), 4(S), 2(M), 1,600(G), Cie’th Wings, Behemoth Crest(I)


Total Stat and Gil Reward:
  • 390 Health
  • 34 Strength
  • 30 Magic
  • 15,560 Gil

Ether are rare and take up a recovery item slot only turn in What’s in a Brew if you’re ready for the Ether.

This wraps up The Wildlands checklist for the Canvas of Prayers side-quests. For more guides, check out my Lightning Returns directory.

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