Lightning Returns Guide: Side Quest Checklist (Luxerion)

Can't find a side quest in Luxerion? Take a look at my checklist!

In this guide, I’ll give a basic checklist to the side quests in Luxerion. Some of these are completed just by progressing the story line. Many of the quests are time limited for availability, so always keep an eye on your clock.

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The Checklist:

Here’s the checklist, but let me give a quick rundown of what you’ll see in the table. The first column shows quest name, difficulty (1, 2, or 3), and time of day as applicable. Second column is quest details, a short blip with general location of quest start and other useful information. Third column is turn ins, whether it’s an item or just talking to someone, this is what you need to complete the quest. The last column is rewards, everything obtained from completing the quest. There is an H, S, M, G, and I next to the specific Health, Strength, Magic, Gil, and Items rewarded.

Name/Difficulty Details Turn Ins Rewards
Whither Faith (2) (21:00-2345) Part of the 1-1 Story Quest. Collect Clues and witness statements in the area around North Station. Where Are You Holmes helps progress this quest. 80(H), 6(S) 6(M, 800(G), Scholar’s Glasses(I)
Where Are You Holmes? (1) (21:00-06:00) Talk to Thorton near the North Station Entrance. Holmes is to the west, talk to him and lead him back to Thorton who went further in the North Station. 30(H), 3(S), 300(G), Railworker’s Cap. Railworker’s Beret(I)
The Thing She’s Lost (1) (21:00-06:00) After 1-2 Story talk to Dolce who is near where Thorton started before. The Green carbuncle is southeast in front of the forge in Old Town. 30(H), 3(M), 100(G), Carbuncle Figurine(I)
Soul Seeds (1) Talk to Baird in the Arcade district. Enter a Chaos Infusion and find Soul Seeds and sell them to Baird. 40(H), 2(S), 4(M), 400(G), Black Tattoo(I)
Born From Chaos Solandra in the Warehouse district starts this quest. Defeat Zomok and return to Solandra. 120(H), 12(S), 10(M), 6,000(G), Brigand’s Tricorne, Pendragon(I)
Stuck In A Gem (2) (15:00-03:00) Speak to Gem the cat. Collect 2 Niblet Hairballs and take them to Rubrio to make a Starlit Spice. Approach Ronan’s body in Old Town avoiding the cats. 80(H), 12(M), 1,600(G), Black Cat Ears(I)
Dying Wish (2) (06:00-22:00) Blythe, between Residences and the Commercial District. (Day 2 and beyond) Buy the Shaolong Gui Shell and Mandragora Root. Then collect the Thunderclap Cap, a little south of Blythe. Deliver these items to the Chocobo Emporium and return to Blythe. 80(H), 8(S), 4(M), Tonberry’s Lantern(I)
Suspicious Spheres (1) (08:00-17:00) Virgil, Residences area. (Day 2 and beyond) Collect the Libra notes from three treasure spheres and return to Virgil. 40(H), 4(S), 2(M), 300(G), Millionaire’s Mustache(I)
Faster Than Lightning (1) (10:00-15:00) Lamont (running around with a flag on his back) (Day 2 and beyond) Race Lamont to the finish line he reveals. 30(H), 6(S), 200(G), Gold Medal(I)
Treasured Ball (1) (10:00-20:00) Talbot at South station. The ball is on the platform directly above him. 30(H), 3(S), 100(G), Salvage Pilot’s Badge(I)
Buried Passion (2) (10:00-19:00) Armand, Residences area, you’ll need to speak to him on three different days to progress the quest after you complete 1-4 Story quest. the Quill Pen is in the breakable boxes in Old Town 80(H), 8(S), 4(M), 1,300(G), Black-rimmed Glasses(I)
Like Clockwork (2) (08:00-18:00) Speak with Armena near North Station after completing quest 1-4 from the main story. Inspect all 13 clocks in Luxerion. 80(H), 4(S), 8(M), 1,200(G), Brass Gear(I)
Get The Girl (2) (00:00-06:00) Speak with Lacley in the Warren after story quest 1-5. Go to Yusnaan and speak to the Maitre D. Return to Lackley, and then talk to Seila in the Forsaken Graveyard. 80(H), 4(S), 8(M), 1,500(G), Exotic Shades(I)
The Saint’s Stone (1) (22:00-06:00) Speak with Aremiah after story quest 1-5 in the Holy District entrance. Head to the Warehouse district to collect the Crystal Shard. Return to Aremiah. 40(H), 6(M), 500(G),
Fragment Crystal, Paladin, Service Entrance Key(I)
The Avid Reader (2) (05:00-23:00) Speak with Ranulph after story quest 1-5. speak to Mitka, then a man in the southwest Warren area. He’ll send you to Yusnaan to speak to Erine and give her a letter. To complete this quest return to Ranulph without reading the journal. Reading the journal starts To Save the Sinless and fails this quest. (Recommend doing To Save the Sinless and complete this quest on a second playthrough. 60(H), 6(S), 4(M), 900(G), Dull Grudge Knife(I)
The Girl Who Cried Wolf (1) After completing 1-5 answer the phone outside North Station. Answer the second phone on the east side of the Forsake Graveyard.  The final phone booth is at South station. Once the Warren opens up speak to Louise. (Each phone must be answered in less than 24 hours after the last one was answered.) 30(H), 42S), 4(M), 500(G), Leather Rucksack(I)
Voices From The Grave (1) Speak to all four NPCs that mention ghosts after quest 1-5. Speak to the ghosts between 0:00 and 04:00. 40(H), 6(S), 400(G), Halo(I)
A Rose By Any Other Name (3) Speak to Marsha and Alrick in the Warren. Give Alrick the Phantom Rose you get during Voices From The Grave to complete this quest. 120(H), 10(S), 12(M),  3,200(G), Crystal Rose, Red Bow Tie, Purple Lightning(I)
The Angel’s Tears (2) (16:00-21:00) Speak with Luka at South Station. Speak with Luka an additional 3 days after the first hiring her services each time. 80(H), 4(S), 8(M), 2,400(G), Crystal Tear(I)
To Save The Sinless (3) Started by failing The Avid Reader. Speak with Armand (finish Burried Passion first) who request you complete Born From Chaos or Fuzzy Search. Speak with Armand once one is completed, who then sends you to Reddick. Speak with Reddick and then return to Ranulph. 120(H), 12(S), 10(M), 4,500(G), Dark Knight(I)


Total Stat and Gil Reward:
  • 1300 Health
  • 100 Strength
  • 105 Magic
  • 26,200 Gil

Complete quests that require you to visit on multiple days together to save time. The Dark Knight garb from to save the Sinless is worth failing The Avid Reader quest on the first playthrough.

This wraps up the checklist for the Luxerion side-quests. For more guides, check out my Lightning Returns directory.

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