Lightning Returns Guide: Where Chaos Sleeps (Caius Fight)

Struggling to outlast Caius? Take a quick look at this guide.

In this guide I’ll cover Wildlands 3-3 boss battle with Caius. Unlike the other boss battles up until now, Caius only has one difficulty. Remarkably, Caius has the smallest HP pool of any boss so far. What Caius lacks in health, he makes up for in pure damage. This is not a tank and spank fight, this is 100% spank.

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Preparations For The Battle:

Definitely grab some magic and elemental resistance for this fight. I recommend saving right before the battle, as there are two ways to approach it. The first is a fairly simply all out assault the second is a more methodical approach.

Easy Mode:

If you want to try the easy mode, I say try because there is a fair amount of risk involved. set up a Schemata with Deprotect and Imperil. Again like always, Warrior’s Potion and an elemental potion of any kind are useful. Have a full physical damage build on a single Schemata taking your Strength as high as you can get it.

Make sure either you debuff schemata or your remaining Schemata has jump on it to set up the Commando stagger. After that, ensure you have at least four EP. That’s it for easy mode preparation.

The return of one of the best boss themes in the series. I couldn’t find a video with a Lightning Returns image though.

Normal Mode:

In this mode in addition to the easy mode requirements, you’ll want a Schemata with all four basic elements leveled to about the same stats. This is because staggering in Ravager’s mode prevents you from using the elements used to stagger him, but you can still only use magic.

If you have one element that is noticeably weaker than the rest use an elemental potion of that type incase it persists into Ravager mode. One final thing for this version, make sure you have Battleaxe of the Believer and Heavy Slash equipped in one of your Schemata.


I’ll cover the easy strategy first. If that doesn’t work for you try the regular strat.

Easy Strategy:

Caius opens with Megaflare, so try to Perfect Guard this, and then jump right into offensive skills.

Using this strategy can backfire if you’re not prepared for it. This is why I added in the save suggestion with the preparation. In this strategy you’ll cast Deprotect and Imperil, and pop your Warrior’s and elemental potions.

Afterwards, set up the stagger with Jump. Once staggered switch to your heavy physical damage Schemata, and use Overclock back to back unleashing everything you’ve got. If your strength was high enough and your timing right, this should end the fight. If not, you can try to continue into the normal mode strategy, or just restart and start with the normal mode.

Be warned that Caius can’t be staggered again until he enters Ravager phase.

Normal Strategy:

Normal mode depends a lot more on going blow for blow. Definitely try to Perfect Guard his Megaflare, Blast Wave, Giga-Graviton, Pulsar Burst, and Eye of Bahamut. Make sure to Heavy Slash with Battleaxe of the Believer equipped after Caius uses Body and Soul or Absolution.

Once Caius swaps to Ravager mode, use Curse and -ga spells to interrupt Caius’ attacks. Try to keep the damage going nonstop when you’re not debuffing or Perfect Guarding. The battle against Caius is really just a race to see which one of you loses first, so don’t let up even for a second.

This wraps up the Caius fight. For more guides, check out my Lightning Returns directory.

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