The Ocarina is a mandatory item in Link's Awakening, but it and its three songs are easy to miss. Here's how to find them all.

Link’s Awakening Switch Guide: How to Get All Songs and the Ocarina

The Ocarina is a mandatory item in Link's Awakening, but it and its three songs are easy to miss. Here's how to find them all.

Ocarinas were already old hat in The Legend of Zelda when Ocarina of Time came along, with the item first debuting in Link’s Awakening and playing a rather important role later in the game.

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It makes a return in Link’s Awakening on Switch and still plays the same role, and the two other, non-vital songs make a comeback as well.

However, like the start of the trading sequence, you can easily miss out on picking up the Ocarina at first and get stuck when you need it, to say nothing of missing the extra songs. Fear not, dreamy adventurer: our guide is here to save the day.

How to Get the Ocarina

The Ocarina in Link’s Awakening is in the Dream Shrine, the blocked-off building north of the square in Mabe Village. You can technically access it after clearing Bottle Grotto, since the Power Bracelet lets you chuck the stones blocking the Shrine out of the way.

However, you’ll need the Pegasus Boots from Key Cavern (dungeon three) to make any progress inside the Dream Shrine.

The Shrine itself is a short and simple affair. Make your way around the edges, clearing out enemies as you go, and then you’ll find steps leading up to the Shrines central dais. Loot the treasure chest for its Rupees, then grab the Ocarina on the left.

If you’re looking for something else to do with your newfound Pegasus Boots, you can head over to the Mabe Village Library to work on unlocking the Color Dungeon while you’re here.

Your First Song: Learning Ballad of the Wind Fish

If Marin and the tune that plays when you acquire an instrument at the end of each dungeon didn’t give it away, the Ballad of the Wind Fish is the game’s central song and the first mandatory one to learn on the Ocarina.

You’ll use it a few times, but the most important time you’ll use it is to access the final dungeon.

You can technically learn the Ballad at any point after acquiring the Ocarina, either when Marin is singing in the Mabe Village square or when she’s singing in the Animal Village (depending on when you clear the Shrine).

For practical purposes, though, you may as well go ahead and learn it right after you finish the Dream Shrine.

You’ll need this song — and Marin — to enter the Yarna Desert, but even if you have the song, you’ll still need to complete certain parts of the trading sequence to get Marin to go with you.

Manbo’s Mambo: The Second Song

The second song is available after you get the Flippers in the fourth dungeon, Angler’s Tunnel.

Exit the dungeon and swim to the left. Enter the cave there, and work your way through to Manbo the fish. Manbo will teach you his Mambo, which lets you warp to any of the warp points on Koholint Island, along with Manbo’s Pond near the graveyard.

The Final Number: Frog’s Song of the Soul

The third and last Ocarina song you’ll get is Frog’s Song of the Soul, but getting it is a bit more of an involved process.

You’ll first need the Hookshot, which means you’ll have to finish the fifth dungeon, Catfish’s Maw.

After that, go back to Mabe Village’s eastern entrance/exit, and go south towards Ukuku Prairie. Use your new Hookshot to fly over the holes in the ground and enter Signpost Maze.

How to Complete Signpost Maze

The signpost puzzle in Link’s Awakening is one of the more devious puzzles the game throws at you. There isn’t a set path to follow either, because it resets each time you enter or each time you mess up.

The first post you’ll need to read is directly south of where you enter the maze — not the one near the hole.

From there, follow the instructions to the next post, which is always in a straight line from the previous one. When the sign tells you to go a certain way, it’s serious. Don’t deviate from that line, or you’ll read the wrong sign and have to start over again.

Completing the maze reveals a staircase heading down into the earth.

Go down the stairs, and you’ll come across the superstar frog Mamu. Mamu is perfectly willing to let you hear a special, uncut version of his latest song — for a price. You need this song, though, so shell out the 300 Rupees to hear it, and you’ll learn the Frog’s Song of the Soul.

The song’s description says it’s used for waking the dead, but you won’t be going around playing necromancer with it.

Instead, you’ll need it much later in the game, to awaken the Giant Turtle and access the eighth dungeon, Turtle Rock.

That’s all you need to know about getting the Ocarina in Link’s Awakening and all its songs, but be sure to check out our other Link’s Awakening Switch guides.

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