Here's where you can find all the cosmetic hats in Little Nightmares 2.

Little Nightmares 2 Hats Guide: All Locations

Here's where you can find all the cosmetic hats in Little Nightmares 2.

Throughout your journey in Little Nightmares 2, you’ll come across a few different hats. These don’t change gameplay in any way, but you can swap out the ones you’ve found in the pause menu to customize the look of your character. 

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You can actually find a dozen different hats as you play through, including the Paper Bag that you start the game with. Here’s where you can find the other ones, broken down by region.

The Wilderness

Raccoon Hat

You’ll find the Raccoon Hat in the first building you enter. After you move through the kitchen, you’ll enter a hallway. Run down, towards the screen, and you’ll find another door on the left. It is lying on the floor in that room.

Nome Hat

To find the Nome Hat, you have to have the Digital Content Bundle DLC, which comes with the Nome’s Attic DLC puzzle. If you do, you’ll see a Nome run past you after you get the key in the attic. Follow it into the room with the woman in the chair, and climb after it. It will hide in a few different areas, and you need to flush it out each time. 

  • Open the suitcase.
  • Throw a shoe at the cardboard box.
  • Open the drawer.
  • Jump on the chair cushion multiple times.

Then follow it into the next room. The nome will light a match, and you need to guide it along. Walk under the plank and towards the back wall, leading it past the bear traps, then under the shelf. It will wait there.

There’s a luggage cart a little to the right of the shelf; roll it backwards, and the nome will hop on. Push the cart back to the right, and the nome will jump onto another shelf.

Keep moving right through the darkness, and you’ll find a chain-link door that the nome will help you open. It will then light a lantern. Flip the switch to turn the lights on, then move back into the area with the luggage cart.

At the bottom of the screen in that room, there’s a drawer you can pull out to then climb up onto the platform the nome followed. Follow the path it took (much easier now that the lights are on), and you’ll find it in the room with the switch.

Rain Hat

The final collectible in the Wilderness is the Rain Hat. After escaping the enemy with the shotgun, you’ll come to a broken bridge that Six will help you across. You’ll see a bunch of cages in the background. Climb this tower of cages and leap to the one that’s hanging. Jump up and down on it a few times and it will fall to the ground. It’s inside.

The School

Soccer Ball Hat

This one is found on the playground just before you enter the building. Climb the steps towards the front door, jump over the railing, and this one is sitting on the top of the dumpster.

Tin Can Hat

To get this headgear, you’ll need to reach the library. When you drop into this room, you’ll see a rolling ladder in the background. You’ll need to push the ladder one shelf over, then climb up and claim the headgear before moving the ladder over further to progress through the level.

The Hospital

Teddy Bear Hat

This one is early on, when you reach the X-ray machine puzzle. In the playroom that houses the stuffed animals, climb the shelf against the right-hand wall and grab the Teddy Bear headpiece.

Bandage Hat

After you sneak through the room where the doctor is checking on all the “patients” in the beds, you’ll drop into the morgue. Pull out the drawer on the left, and Six will push you into the next room. Move past the table and go open the drawer in the background to find it.

Pale City

Mail Carrier Hat

This in the mailroom, right after you pick up the remote control. When you reach the room with all the letters, drop into the gap, and push against the left wall where the letters are spilling out. There’s a somewhat hidden tunnel here with the collectible inside.

Newsie Hat

For this one, you’ll have to reach the store in the Pale City. This is where you’ll have to use a shopping cart to progress. It’s located on top of some shelves.

To get it, pull the shopping cart over from the right (don’t push it down the steps!) and use it to climb onto the top of the shelves. Then make your way over and claim it. You’re the king of New York!

That’s Only Ten!

That’s only 10 if you include the one you start with. Where are the last two? One is the Mokujin Mask, which was a preorder bonus for Little Nightmares 2. If you preordered the game, it will be in your inventory from the very beginning. The other is the Fedora, which you will receive after beating the final boss of Little Nightmares 2.

Those are all of the hat locations in Little Nightmares 2. For more, consider checking out our other guides, such as our full school walkthrough and how to find the well-hidden glitching remains

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