Escape the clutch of the blind man in this guide to Chapter 2 of Little Nightmares.

Little Nightmares Guide Walkthrough: Chapter 2 — The Lair

Escape the clutch of the blind man in this guide to Chapter 2 of Little Nightmares.

In the first chapter of Little Nightmares, you had to avoid the all-seeing mechanical eyes. But in the following chapter comes something that is much more menacing. Follow this guide to quickly finish the second chapter of Little Nightmares. You will learn how to use mechanical parts and how to effectively avoid the chasing blind man.

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Little Nightmares Chapter 2: The Lair Walkthrough

In the first room, pull the chair to the middle section in order to trigger the switch on the floor. It’ll open the door into the next area for you. A large button can be pressed there, and the eye will show you various parts of the lair.

However, you should return into the previous section and keep ascending the ladder. In the room above, use the large trunk to unroll the bed and climb up atop the furniture. You will find a key on the table by the bed — grab it and go through the wall to your right.

In the hidden room, use the key to unlock the door, and in the next section throw the toy at the button to call up the elevator. Use the same trick inside the elevator to go down.

In this lowest area you will find food inside the cell, but it’s a trap that you cannot avoid. After you wake up inside the cell in the following segment, push and pull several times to break free from the cell. Use another cell in the room to grab onto the hanging switch, and keep moving to the right.

In the room behind the blind guy, look for a broken mechanical part, and put it into the slot on the wooden pillar — this will open the trapdoor for you to escape through. When you reach the room full of old shoes, use the trunks to move forward as your platforms, and try not to stay inside the garbage for too long.

You will end up in the elevator with the blind guy. You must hide from him in the upper right corner, and try not to move. When the elevator arrives, push the box in the next room and release the broken wooden plank. Then, go underneath the floor and go right.

Pick up and throw old toys to distract the blind guy. Go up and escape through the clockwork room. As you reach the library, climb up the bookshelf and jump onto a hanging piano. Keep climbing up!

At the other end of the room above climb up the pile of books standing at the wall, and pass through a hole. Turn on the TV set and wait for the blind guy to appear. Then, pick up the mechanical part from the floor and go back into the room with books.

Use the part to lift up the hanging piano and jump over it to another section. There, push the cart with dirty laundry and open the door. In the end, the blind guy will try to grab you through the half-open doors. Pull the cell that prevents the door from shutting, and let the door slam the blind man’s arms. This will end the second chapter — The Lair.

Hopefully this helps! If you need a little extra guidance with getting through the game, you can check out our guide to Chapter 1 – The Prison. Come back soon for more Little Nightmares guides at GameSkinny!

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