Learn how to find your way out of the creepy kitchen in this guide to Little Nightmares.

Little Nightmares Guide Walkthrough: Chapter 3 — The Kitchen

Learn how to find your way out of the creepy kitchen in this guide to Little Nightmares.

The third chapter of Little Nightmares introduces a new type of enemy — the chef. This enemy is slow and clunky, but if you aren’t careful, you may get into trouble. This guide will help you find all the keys from the locked doors, and help you avoid all the creepy chefs of the kitchen.

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Little Nightmares Chapter 3: The Kitchen Walkthrough

Go up the ladder and grab onto one of the moving hooks. After the girl eats the rat in the trap, you’ll find yourself in the laundry. Use one of the cart lids and push it to make a bridge. Keep going right, and soon you will arrive at the kitchen.

Avoid the creepy chef by hiding behind the table and other pieces of furniture. You need to locate the white cupboard in the upper right corner and use it to climb up onto the supporting pillars. Go to your left and climb up the empty cells.

Keep going left past the restroom. There you will see the key hanging on the hook. Grab onto the key and push-and-pull to bring it down. Unfortunately, the noise will awaken another chef that is sleeping in the room, but the only thing you can do at this point is hide.

Get out of the bedroom and use the elevator to descend back into the kitchen. Return to the white cupboard and insert the key into the locked door nearby.

When you come to the room with a meat grinder, use the mini-elevator on the wall. You will arrive at the storage room with meat. Put together three pieces of meat at the opening above the meat grinder, and go back down.

Activate the meat grinder by turning the wheel — this will produce a sausage. Jump and grab the sausage, then use it to swing onto the next area.

Activate the elevator, but be careful — the chef will be inside. Hide somewhere and wait for him to leave the elevator. As soon as it’s free, run inside and go up. The chef will chase you, so hide again as soon as you arrive.

He will enter the room to the left and ignore you for the time being. At the cutting table, besides a piece of meat, you will notice a key. Sneak behind the chef into the next room and turn on the food processor. It will distract the chef, so you need to use this moment to grab the key from the table.

Again, go back down the elevator, use the key to open the locked door, and jump into the trash bin on the wall. Follow the path and you will find yourself under the floor of another section, where two other guys wash the dishes.

You need to emerge from one of the holes in the floor and run to the right. You will find a switch on the wall — hit it to activate the overhead meat hooks mechanism. Then run in the opposite direction and climb up the cupboard at the doors. Grab one of the moving hooks and let it take you out of the kitchen.

This ends the third chapter of Little Nightmares. If you’re looking for walkthroughs on the first two chapters, you can check them out below:

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