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Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria — Where to Find Durin’s Third Axe Fragment

Durin's third axe fragment is well hidden in the lower deeps in Return to Moria.

Reassembling Durin’s Axe grants you a powerful legendary weapon in your fight to reclaim Khazad-dum. Broken into five pieces, this is where to find the third fragment of Durin’s Axe in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

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Durin’s Third Axe Fragment Location in Return to Moria

Initially, I assumed the third axe piece would be guarded in the Lower Deeps orc settlement, much like the second one. After scouring the area and not finding a hint of it, I realized I was wrong. Since I hadn’t found another clue to the location, no quest marker was available to point me in the right direction.

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Thankfully, I try to fully explore an area. That led to me finding the piece in a dead end troll lair. This is different than the troll that has goblins with it. This troll is on his own in a room with a pillar and multiple treasure piles.

To reach it, teleport to the Great Drain Pumps mapstone and head through the archway at the bottom of the stairs. Go straight through the first chamber, then go right when you reach the second room. This area contains the Rangers journal and a ruined campsite that you can use. Stick to the wall as you may your to the exit.

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The axe segment will have a yellow outline, similar to the other pieces. It’s on the right side of the central pillar the facing the entrance. I still don’t quite have my armor up to snuff to deal with a troll in the dark so I found waiting until it was away from the entrance was the best strategy. This allowed me to grab the fragment, as well as some treasure from the piles, before having to dash away.

That’s how to find Durin’s third axe fragment in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. Collecting all five segments will allow you to reforge the weapon, dispel the shadow, and cleave through goblins or orcs with ease. For more on how to survive Khazad-dum, such as all recipes in the game or resource locations, delve into our guide vault.

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