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LotR Return to Moria: How to Get Rid of Purple Shadow

Avoid getting cursed by shadow by dispelling it in Return to Moria.

As you explore Moria, you’ll notice purple fog spewing from vents in the ground that curses you if you spend too long in it, draining your health. Instead of avoiding the areas or running through them, this is how to get rid of purple shadow in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

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How to Clear Purple Shadow in Return to Moria

There are multiple ways to cleanse areas of Khazad-dum from the shadow curse that plagues it:

  • Restore Durin’s Lamps
  • Rebuild Durin Monuments
  • Use Durin’s Axe

Only one is available to you during the early to mid part of the game: Restore Durin’s Lamps. The rest come towards the end of the mid game, or the actual end, which at least allows you to adventure through the mines without having to worry about being cursed on top of the various enemies you can encounter.

How to Restore Durin’s Lamps

Durin’s Lamps are littered throughout the mines and tunnels of Moria. Broken down, and even targeted for destruction by the Uruk, you’ll need various resources to get these lamps shining again. Some require stone, while others need True-Quartz and Ihratz Granite.

Once the lamp is restored, you’ll need to sing an inspiring tune. Only then will a magical light spring forth, cleansing the area of shadow.

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How to Rebuild Durin Monuments

The first Durin Monument you’ll likely encounter is in the Lower Deeps right before you find the Secret Tomb of Kings. Much like the lamp, you’ll need to sing to activate the magic. The purple shadow will be dispelled and any Shadow-Curse you have will be cleared. Singing at other statues to the legendary king will have the same result.

How to Use Durin’s Axe

Throughout the game you’ll be able to find the five fragments of Durin’s Axe scattered throughout the Black Pit. The task to locate and reclaim the first and second fragments are given to you as side quests when you stumble upon Balin’s abandoned camps. Even without a quest pointing the way, there’s one piece to find in each region of Moria.

  • The Western Halls
  • Mines of Moria
  • Lower Deeps
  • Dwarrowdelf
  • Barazinbar

When all have been collected, you’ll be able to reforge the weapon and use it as you explore. It also has the added benefit of being able to cleanse the shadow and remove Shadow Runes from the Doors of Durin.

Use Durin’s Guard Shield to Protect from Shadow

While it doesn’t dispel the shadow in an area, Durin’s Guard Shield protects you from it. Have it equipped and it will envelope you in a bubble of safety as you explore through the purple fog filled areas. It can be crafted at any forge, but requires numerous rare resources such as Sun-stone.

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How to Lessen the Impact of the Shadow Curse

If you don’t have any of these resources available, making sure your stamina bar is filled can lessen the impact of the Shadow Curse. The In Shadow bar has to completely fill before you’re cursed, so if you can run to a clear space before that happens, you won’t take any damage. You can also build a path over the shadow to avoid it.

Since I end up cursed pretty often, I always have a large stack of rations with me, especially Cram. It heals a good amount and doesn’t take rare resources like Lembas Bread does. I watch until my health bar is about halfway and have myself a little snack. This helps combat the drain that the curse inflicts, which keeps me exploring.

Those are all the methods you can employ to get rid of the purple shadow in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. Most of them can be utilized in the later stages of the game, but Durin’s Lamps, as well as stocking up on complex rations, can reduce the impact these areas have on your explorations. For more help in the game, such as our complete list of recipes, how to forge different items, or where to find Black Diamonds, unearth our variety of walkthroughs in our guide hub.

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