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Lords of the Fallen: How to Get the Condemned Armor Set

Look like a lowly wretch in Lords of the Fallen with the Condemned Armor.

There are a lot of armor sets that you can acquire in Lords of the Fallen, some of which are worn by certain classes when you start the campaign. One, however, seems to be missing, since you still need to acquire it while exploring. Our guide discusses how to get the Condemned Armor Set in Lords of the Fallen, so you can look like this poor wretch of a character.

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How to Get the Condemned Armor Set in Lords of the Fallen

The Condemned Armor Set can be found in the Pilgrim’s Perch zone. Bear in mind that the Condemned is supposed to be this game’s version of the Wretch from Dark Souls 3 or the Prisoner from Elden Ring, and it shows based on its outfit. In any case, here’s what you need to do if you want to obtain the full attire:

  • Proceed to Pilgrim’s Perch until you reach the Sanctuary vestige waypoint. Take note that there’s also a side path that lets you unlock the doors in Skyrest. We won’t go there for now, but just make a mental note of it for later exploration.
  • From the vestige waypoint, climb up the ladder and bash the shelves and crates in the next area. You’ll see a shining loot orb behind a metal gate.
  • Bring out your Umbral Lamp so you can walk through the gate. Just be forewarned that Husk-type enemies might pull you into the Umbral Realm, too.
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Condemned Armor Set Stats and Resistances

The Lords of the Fallen Condemned Armor Set consists of the following: Head Cage, Garb, Manacles, and Fetters. And, yes, you’ll even get the Broken Bucket, which is the class’ starting weapon.

If you wear all the gear pieces, you’ll gain the following stats:

  • Defenses: Physical 121, Holy 275, Fire 275, and Wither 269
  • Resistances: Smite 117, Bleed 133, Burn 141, Ignite 117, Frostbite 126, and Poison 147
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I definitely think that the above stats are fairly lackluster compared to other options, but that’s expected. Again, I should note that the Condemned is supposed to be the weakest starting class in the game. As such, we can’t really expect much out of its own attire. You might find other “secret starting class outfits” more worthwhile, such as the armor sets for the Radiant Purifier, Putrid Child, and Lord.

In any case, that’s everything you need to know about how to get the Condemned Armor Set in Lords of the Fallen. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our LotF guides hub.

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